Dropbox reinvents remote work

What if hybrid work was not the panacea? After the generalization of teleworking during the pandemic, the mix between face-to-face and remote has become essential in companies. The latest Paris Workplace barometer (2021) even announced the ideal pace desired by employees, with 2.1 days of teleworking per week. However, says Mathieu Milot, Dropbox’s chief intelligence officer: “Hybrid working creates inequalities within the company. Employees who are an hour or two away from the offices find it less easy to join the groups that spontaneously recreate in the facilities. ”

The cloud giant opted for a radically different solution. Over the past year, all equipment has been switched 100% remotely as part of the “virtual first” plan. Based in Paris, Mathieu leads a team divided between Bordeaux, Nantes, Biarritz and Montpellier. “Before, we were all in the Paris region and the telecommuting it concerned only 3% of our workforce, he says. Today we have 50% of teleworkers fully remote and employee satisfaction has jumped to 72%. ”

Meetings take place asynchronously as much as possible and the offices, which still exist, have been transformed into creative studios. “Avec Virtual first, on a voulu mettre l’accent sur l’égalité entre tous les employés, mettant l’accent sur la préservation des liens, la flexibilité et l’équilibre entre la vie personnelle et professionnelle”, explain-t- The A (…)

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