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  • Work stoppage and Covid: what is the isolation certificate for?

  • How to obtain this isolation certificate?

  • Who can benefit from a work stoppage due to Covid?

  • How long does the work stoppage last?

  • Work stoppage and Covid: what compensation?

While the circulation of Covid-19 appears to have resumed since early September, Health Minister François Braun called on the French to “regain common sense“in the microphone of France information this September 27, 2022: use of a mask in crowded places, in the company of fragile people, isolation or telecommuting in case of symptoms or positive test… A whole series of good reflexes must be summarized.

If you have received an SMS informing you of your positivity for Covid, you should go to the Ameli’s online service declare.ameli.fr, if you need a stop work Where covid sick leave. A statement on the site is equivalent to a work stoppage. Please note: If you already contracted Covid-19 less than two months ago, you are not subject to isolation and therefore, you should not ask for a work stoppage.

Work stoppage and Covid: what is the isolation certificate for?

L’insulation certificate is used to justify your situation to your employer and thus benefit from compensation to compensate for his work stoppage. For example, if you are positive for Covid-19, you should isolate yourself and possibly (…)

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