Dynamic Island has found its best feature for sports fans

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max under iOS 16.1 add the possibility of following a match through Dynamic Island. Enough to follow a match while doing something else.

Dynamic Island Sports iPhone 14 Pro (1)
Source: Paul Bradford

Imagine, on a game night, you’re out, you want to follow the scoreboard, but without constantly keeping your nose on your phone. Or maybe you like to scroll endlessly on Twitter, but are tired of constantly switching from one window to another to keep up with the progress of your favorite team. L’iPhone 14 Proof’iOS 16.1 Beta 2just added THE feature that perfectly suits the uses mentioned above.

This latest software version iPhone in fact, it allows developers to play around with the “Live Activities” feature by adding a dedicated API. This feature, previously thought to be reserved for the lock screen, actually works with Dynamic Island, the famous protean interface that does its best to make you forget about the pill on top of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Users already conquered

Users have already been able to test the feature and have posted photos of their iPhones showing it off gloriously. In summary view, you will only see the scoreboard and shields of your teams. When you click on the dynamic island, you will see these elements appear larger, accompanied by the playing time and the author of the last goal.

Dynamic Island Sports iPhone 14 Pro (3)
Source: Jorge González Medina

If you lock your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, you’ll find these details at the bottom of your screen, just like they appear on all other iPhones.

How to test live activities

Unfortunately, live activities are not yet available in France. Users located in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and South Korea can follow Major League Baseball in the US. Those located in the US and Canada can now follow the NBA and the Premier League this way.

To activate it, nothing could be easier, just open the TV application and click on “follow” on the game that interests you. As a reminder, iOS 16.1 is not officially released yet, it is still a beta version.

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