Electricity: which appliances consume the most?

Radiators, refrigerators, clothes dryers and televisions are among the most energy-consuming appliances.

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The energy crisis now forces all households to save energy, both to preserve the functioning of the country as a whole and to limit the increase in gas and electricity bills.

As for electricity, the Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency) published last year a list of household appliance consumption. It was about evaluating the consumption over a year of electrical appliances and equipment in a home, both inside and outside. This is calculated on average over 100 homes and based on a regulated rate subscription of 0.1740 euros per KWh.

Based on this study, the site Actu.fr prepared an infographic with the list of consumption by type of equipment: electronics, small appliance, large appliance, heating.


Among the electronic equipment, there are the most expensive in electricity: Wi-Fi camera (€38 per year), television (€32), fixed computer (€21), game console (€18), Internet box (€17), door/ Automatic door (€11).

The least expensive are bicycles or electric scooters (€1.76), tablets and smartphones (€0.52).

Small household appliances

The kettle (€8.5), the microwave (€7) and the coffee maker (€6) consume the most electricity. At the bottom of the list, the vacuum cleaner (€1.5) precedes the toaster, which costs an average of €0.50 per year.

large appliances

In the large electrical appliances section, the American fridge is the champion of electricity consumption (€117). It consumes four times more energy than a conventional refrigerator. Then come the dryer (€52) and the freezer (€50). At the back of the energy expenditure pack, the dishwasher, the oven, the electric plates and the washing machine with consumption ranging between €28 and €17.


As expected, the electric heating of a house tops the electricity bill with €750 per year, a swimming pool with heating and purification costs €300. The third item of expense is logically that of the water heater.

Actions to take

This inventory of the energy consumption of a house allows to guide the small saving gestures to be carried out in a house.

The easiest way is to unplug small electrical or electronic devices after use or overnight. Use electrical outlets with switches.

Run the dishwasher when it’s full. In the bathroom, prefer short showers to baths with slightly less hot water.

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