Elisabeth Borne says that the method chosen by the government will be announced before “weekend”

The executive postpones, a little more. As for the method that should allow the reform of pensions, “We will decide at the end of the week”declared Elisabeth Borne, on Monday, September 26, on RMC and BFM-TV, while the opposition criticizes the hypothesis of reforming the pension system through a simple modification of the Social Security financing bill.

“With the President of the Republic, we plan to dialogue this week with the interested ministers and those responsible for the majority. There are different scenarios, we are looking for the best way. We will listen to opinions”, evacuated the Prime Minister. As to whether the ultimate goal is to raise the retirement age to 64 or 65, “We’ll talk about it when the time comes”he added, defending the “dialogue” and the “query”. However, added the Prime Minister, article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows the adoption of a text without a vote in Parliament except for a motion of censure, is “one of the tools that is available to the government if there is a lockdown situation.”

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“Before talking about how, it is important to talk about why”, argued the tenant of Matignon, recalling that“We have in France a unique social model in the world”. “All this can only be financed in a sustainable way by collectively producing more resources, rather than working more”he said, noting that in France “the proportion of older people with employment is lower than in other places” – thus, in addition to “working youth”

“All the organizations that evaluate our system tell us that the balance is deteriorating” between income and expenses, warned Mme Borne, who also pointed out that the executive “plans to increase the pensions of the smallest” and take into account long careers and hard work.

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Tobacco price hike

Asked about purchasing power, the Prime Minister assured that the price of a pack of cigarettes will increase in proportion to inflation. Friday, the echoes revealed that the government was considering indexing excise taxes on tobacco to inflationan increase of around 70 euro cents in the price of cigarette packs, according to data from the economic newspaper.

Elisabeth Borne has also declared that the Government intends to implement aid for homes that heat with firewood, such as the one decided this summer for homes that heat with fuel oil. “It will be important to see if some [fournisseurs] do not take advantage of the crisis [de l’énergie] raise pricesthe prime minister said.

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“We are penalized by the fact that Russia has stopped its gas shipments to Europe”continued, calling “act at a European level to avoid this rebound in energy prices”while “More than half of our nuclear reactors are currently shut down for maintenance.” In terms of savings and sobriety, it reminded households in France that “The rule is to heat to 19°C”.

Finally questioned about the draft budget that must be presented this Monday in the Council of Ministers, Mme Born assured that “In the Social Security funding bill, we are asking pharmaceutical companies to make an effort. They achieved significant turnover due to the health crisis. It is important that they participate in the collective effort.”

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