Emercell and Cell-Easy sign strategic agreement to scale-up and manufacture NK-001

MONTPELLIER, France and TOULOUSE, France, September 22, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–Emercell SAS (Emercell) and Cell-Easy SAS (Cell-Easy) today announced the signing of a strategic agreement to scale and manufacture Emercell’s flagship product.

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Emercell has developed a technology platform to produce ready-to-use Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK cells are highly potent effectors of the immune system, used as monotherapy or in combination with therapeutic antibodies, or are genetically modified to produce chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) NK cells for the treatment of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. NK-001 is an optimized cell therapy product composed of highly activated and alloreactive allogeneic NK cells. Its proprietary manufacturing process allows full industrialization using the same batch of NK cells for multiple patients.

Cell-Easy is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in the production of genetically modified cells and cell therapy products. The Cell-Easy facility is located in Toulouse and includes state-of-the-art controlled environment spaces optimized for manufacturing process development and analysis, material and environmental quality control, and cGMP manufacturing, fill and finish, long-term storage of advanced therapeutic products. Products (ATMP), in compliance with all the requirements of regulatory standards and cGMP guidelines.

Emercell has selected Cell-Easy as its long-term CDMO partner for the manufacturing and scale-up operations of its allogeneic NK cell product, with the goal of entering the clinical phase in 2023. Emercell has entered into a strategic agreement with Cell-Easy. Easy, a company specializing in the development and production of ATMP.

We are especially pleased to be collaborating with Cell-Easy on the final stages of development and GMP manufacturing of our lead product, NK-001,” said Patrick Henno, President of Emercell. “We are delighted with this fruitful and long-term collaboration, which is a key element of our development strategy. Furthermore, Cell-Easy and Emercell are established in Occitanie and this partnership is perfectly in line with the objectives of the region in terms of development and production of new products in the field of biotherapies, and in particular in the field of immunotherapy. »

“In a highly competitive European environment, we are delighted that Emercell has chosen us as their preferred CDMO partner for their first immuno-oncology approach using NK cells,” said Guillaume Costecalde, President of Cell-Easy. “Cell-Easy’s original approach to CDMAO and the responsiveness of the team, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, allow us once again to convince ambitious ATMP developers like Emercell to secure their development. »

About Emercell

Emercell is an oncology company developing a technology platform to produce ready-to-use allogeneic natural killer (NK) cells. The company’s R&D activities are based at the IRMB (Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies) of the Saint-Éloi University Hospital Center, Montpellier, France. One of Emercell’s leading drug candidates, NK-001, is targeted in particular at treating patients with lymphomas refractory to conventional therapies. It is a patented process for the pre-activation and amplification of allogeneic NK cells. Emercell collaborates with many industrial and academic partners. The company has received support from the Occitanie Region (ADI) and Bpifrance, and has obtained an FUI (financing). Emercell is a member of Eurobiomed.

About Cell Easy

Cell-Easy has developed a unique vision of CDMO dedicated to the production of cell-modified and gene therapy products. This integrated concept is called CDMAO. Beyond CDMO, CDMAO is not only focused on development and manufacturing. CDMAO is positioned as a true partner to help Biotech & Pharma bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical development through deep expertise in regulatory process scaling and analysis.

Cell-Easy offers custom process development, process scale-up, cGMP manufacturing, and exclusive analytical services for immune cells (CAR-T cells, NK cells, etc., and unmodified cells) and adult stem cells (MSCs, iPSCs, and exosomes) in the fields of immuno-oncology and regenerative medicine.

Cell-Easy is a trusted partner and provides the infrastructure and knowledge today, while ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget. Soutenu par des hautement motivées et expérimentées dans le domaine de la thérapie cellulaire, Cell-Easy s’engage à promouvoir l’excellence du service et actively contributes to a culture “Bench to Bedside”, plaçant les soins de santé des patients au center of everything.

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Emercell, Dr. Patrick Henno, President, patrick.henno@emercell.com, +33 (0)6 14 77 39 21
Cell-Easy, Dr. Guillaume Lay, Business Development, Guillaume.lay@cell-easy.com, +33 (0)6 15 18 13 13

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