Energy control: a new bonus could arrive this winter!

The government has not yet ended aid for support the less fortunate within fighting inflation. Precisely, he announced that an exceptional financial aid payment will be made at the end of the year.

This is a test of exceptional energy and another Aid economic benefit for homes that heat with diesel. is to answer rising energy prices that the government wants to deploy these two new aids.

An energy check for 12 million homes

The energy check will benefit 12 million homes. The President of the Government has clarified that he is aimed at “the most modest 40% of households”. That said, the executive is likely to consider household tax income.

What you are currently doing with classic power control. That said, to receive exceptional aid, the household’s tax income must not exceed a certain threshold. In relation to the amount, it will be included between 100 and 200 euros depending on household income.

In fact, a single mother with minimum wage with 2 dependent children will receive 200 euros. This will correspond to 100 euros for a couple with two dependent children and a monthly income of 3000 euros net. At least that’s what the government thinks.

The amount of the energy bonus depends on income

As you may have understood, the amount of the check depends on the income and the composition of the home. In 2021, the average number of the check is around 200 euros. At a minimum, the amount is 48 euros while at most it reaches 277 euros.

All beneficiaries of the energy check received, in December 2021, an exceptional increase of 100 euros. To find out if you are entitled to the energy check, visit the website of the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

On this site, you can make a simulation that allows you to know if you can benefit from the check. The government simulation tool works with your tax identification number.

The energy check can be combined with other aid

This exceptional check it is cumulative with other aids. That said, a modest home can take advantage of the energy check and heating with diesel will receive 2 assists.

This same home can also touch a third help in the spring if you are also eligible for classic power control. To help pay your energy bills, the energy check is intended for low-income households.

On average, the amount of the check is 150 euros and 6 million households will benefit from it. After an experimental phase in 4 departmentsthis aid replaced the social rate system on January 1, 2018. It concerns electricity bills, but also gas, wood, fuel oil and other bills.

An energy crisis this winter

an energy crisis must take place this winter. It was to prevent this crisis that the government announced the energy check in mid-September. In addition, the executive announced the extension of the tariff shield for all homes.

Also included are condominiums, social housing, small businesses, and smaller municipalities. This tariff shield will allow limit the evolution of gas prices to +15% in January 2023.

Electricity prices will also be seen limit to +15% in February 2023. However, this shield will limit the increase in the bill. Note that it is lighter than the one implemented so far.

For homes with gas heating, the supplement is estimated at 25 euros per month. On the other hand, for households with electric heating, the additional cost has been estimated at 20 euros per month.

Eligibility conditions for the energy check

Eligibility for the energy check depends on income level and household composition. To receive help, there a ceiling of resources to respect. This is the reference tax on income per consumption unit (UM) that appears in the tax notice.

The number of CPUs depends on the size of the household. For the first person, there is 1 unit. 0.5 for the second and 0.3 unit for each additional person. The law of December 7, 2020 allows residents of various establishments to access the energy check for 2021.

Allocates the check to households whose reference tax income does not exceed 10,800 euros for a single person. For a couple, 16,200 euros (+ 3,240 euros per additional person in the household).

Find out how to use it

Using power control is not complicated at all. When you have received it, you can send it by mail. Otherwise, you can give it to the person or company you want pay for energy expenditure.

And this in person. This may be your energy provider. Or the company in charge of carrying out the energy rehabilitation works in your accommodation. It could even be, for beneficiaries residing in sheltered accommodation, the manager of the latter.

Please note that it is possible to request automatic allocation from your energy supplier, when the check receipt. Thus, the following checks will be automatically sent to your provider. The latter will be deducted from energy bills. And this without having to take particular measures for the beneficiary.

Date of receipt of the energy check

You can also use the energy check on the dedicated website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Therefore, you will need your check number as well as references to your energy supply contract.

And you can also use them online via dedicated website. You receive your energy check according to the department in which you live. This year, we send the energy check between March 30, 2022 and April 20, 2022.

The validity period of the check is one year, in theory. Thus, checks received in the spring of 2021 may be used until March 31, 2022. For those sent in December 2021, the validity date runs until March 31, 2023.

What to do in case of non-receipt?

If you have not received your energy check, you should contact the organization in charge of managing the device. You can also contact customer service at 0805204805.

This customer service is available from Monday to Friday. between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.. A contact form is also available in case of non-receipt of the check. It should be noted that the usual receipt of the energy check occurs between 2 and 4 days after it is sent.

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