EQUASENS: Half-Year Results 2022



Villers-lès-Nancy, September 22, 2022 – 18:00 (CET)


2022 half-year results

  • higher growth :

    • Billing: +10,30% a 103,57 millions of euros

    • Operating Income Run : +5,37% a 25,76 millions of euros

    • Net result : +18,92% a twenty,95 millions of euros

  • Scope MaintenanceGroup ions in the 2n/a semester, in particular profitability.

In millions of euros

1H 2020

1H 2021

S1 202two







+ 32.90%

+ 10.30%

Current operating profit




+ 24.25%


Net result





+ 18.92%

CEO Net Income





+ 18.96%

Basic earnings per share
(in € – group share)





+ 19.10%

* Impact ohIP BOX Option + rfinancial returns

** Impact of the increase in general expenses compared to the first half of 2021

  • The Group continues to deploy pandaLAB Pro, your secure health message system, that ensures the strengthening of the coordination of care, among health professionals, for the benefit of patients.

  • SEO Tracking sure :

    • Medi Story 4 (MEDICAL SOFT Division) is the first referenced medical software.

    • DOMILINK HAD, MEDILINK, HOSPILINK, TITAN : in the Hospital, Municipal Medicine and Medical-Social corridors within the AXIGATE LINK Division, Equasens is the only group that has this triple certification.

    • The solutions ID. by Pharmagest – DOMILINK SSIAD Y TITANLINK for the Dispensary and Medico-Social corridors they are being examined by the ANS.

The EQUASENS Board of Directors, meeting on September 22, 2022 under the chairmanship of Thierry CHAPUSOT, examined and approved the accounts of 1Ahem half of 2022. The half-yearly consolidated financial statements have been subject to a limited review by the Statutory Auditors.


The Equasens Group registers an increase in your billing as of June 30, 2020two of 10,30% a 103,57 millions of euros compared to 1Ahem half of 2021. In comparable terms, turnover increased by 7.68% to €101.11 million, confirming the merits of the acquisition of PROKOV EDITIONS made in the fourth quarter of 2021.

the Operating Income Run of the Group rose by 5,37% a 25.76 Millions of euros at June 30, 202twoimpacted in particular by the increase in general, non-recurring expenses, compared to 1Ahem semester of 2021. During the 2022 financial year, the COI/Sales ratio will follow the same trend as in previous years.

  • Operating Income Run of the division PHARMACIST a 17,05 million euros, an increase of 0.86% The Division calmly continues its growth path, supported by the very strong acceleration in the volume of activity of the electronic label offer in France as well as the significant increase in Italy in recurring revenue linked to the new pharmacy installations carried out in 2021.

  • Operating Income Run of the division AXIGATED LINK at 4.64 M€ up for 6.42% All activities are progressing, driven by strong commercial momentum. Parallel to the deployment of its “new” solutions, both in the medical-social sector (TITANLINK, DOMILINK – HAD Y SSIAD, HOSPILINK, MEDILINK) than in telemedicine (ETPLINK, CARELIB EHPAD Y eNephro), the Division continues to market pandaLAB Pro to promote care coordination for the benefit of patients and is planning the first installations of its new solution INFILINK100% mobile dedicated to Liberal Nurses.

  • Operating Income Run since Others divisions (E-CONNECT + SOFT MEDICAL + FINTECH) a 4,08 M€ up for 27.97%. With the exception of FINTECH, whose sector of activity is experiencing economic difficulties, the E-CONNECT and MEDICAL SOFT Divisions maintain their level of profitability.

The net result stands at twenty,95 millions of euros (+18.92%) and Net profit Participation of the Group in
19,73 millions of euros (+18.96%). As of June 30, 2022Basic Earning per Share is 1,31 vs. €1.10 on June 30, 2021 (+19.10%).

The Equasens Group’s gross available cash position as of June 30, 2022 increased to €121.74 million compared to €107.87 million as of December 31, 2021.

With net cash (discounting all loans) of 45.45 million euros, the Equasens Group retains great autonomy and significant investment capacity for external growth operations.

The net equity, Group participation, as of June 30, 2022 amounts to 161.78 million euros.

Dominique PAUTRAT having left his position as General Director of the Equasens Group to assume the Presidency of the Board of Directors of the WELCOOP Cooperative, parent company of the Equasens Group, from April 22, 2022, is Denis SUPPLY who was appointed CEO from April 23, 2022 and took office. Gregory de ROTALIER, Appointed in July 2020, he has maintained his mandate as Deputy General Manager and, while continuing to develop the AXIGATE LINK Division he leads, confirms his involvement in the cross-cutting issues of the Equasens Group.

The Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 6 at the Company’s registered office adopted the resolution regarding the change of company name to EQUASENS.
This new identity consecrates the interoperability of the solutions offered between patients and healthcare professionals and establishments and reinforces the Group’s positioning around its “Patient-Centred” strategy initiated more than 10 years ago:

  • SAME refers to the equation, the scientific roots of the Group, to technology;

  • SENSE it echoes the meaning of their mission and gives perspective to their work: providing the right information, to the right caregiver, at the right time for the right patient.

This new name is therefore perfectly in tune with the Group’s baseline. “More technology for more people”.

“The transition from Pharmagest to Equasens allows the Group’s identity to be better reflected in the diversity of its activities and the new markets it is targeting. We are no longer just a pharmacy software publisher. The Group is now the leader in healthcare IT solutions in Europe. For more than 10 years, we have gone beyond the sphere of pharmacy and equipped all health professionals in France and tomorrow in Europe with IT solutions. » declares Thierry CHAPUSOT, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Equasens Group.

Therapeutic compliance is a key issue at European level in the care of elderly patients or those suffering from chronic diseases. In 2022, the Group continues with its strategy focused on the patient and good treatment compliance and announces the acquisition of an additional stake in the capital of 3 of its European subsidiaries:

  • MULTIMEDS, an Irish company that produces and distributes manual pill dispensers;

  • CAREMEDS, English publisher of the eMAR traceability software, in pharmacies and EHPADs, of medicines prepared in pillboxes;

  • I-MEDS, German company dedicated to the wholesale and distribution of equipment and accessories for the supply of medicines to patients and pharmacies.

These different operations will allow the Equasens Group to accelerate its expansion and its presence in various European countries. Precisely :

  • in the United Kingdom with the coupling of the eMAR drug traceability offer published by CAREMEDS with that of establishment management TITANLINK published by MALTA INFORMATIQUE (MALTA intends to duplicate its business model identically to what has been achieved and works in Belgium with MALTA BELGIUM);

  • in Germany with the enrichment of the MULTIMEDS manual pillbox range with the pharmaceutical automation solutions offered by the Group and, in particular, the incorporation of AUTOMEDS robots for the semi-automatic filling of these pillboxes whose design and capabilities correspond perfectly to the German market .

The Equasens Group continues to distinguish itself with recent certifications sure of its software offer – regularly, the first among all market players – and consolidates its position as a structuring player and leader in the world of Health.

The Equasens Group trusts and confirms its growth and profitability ambitions for the year 2022, given the non-recurring nature of the costs recorded on 1Ahem semester.

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On Band Ecuasens :

With Plus of 1.two00 collaborators The citizens of the Health Y of wellness “, the Band Ecuasens meis today a structuring actor in the world of Health in Europe that directs its software solutions to all health professionals (pharmacists, private doctors, hospitals, HAH structures, nursing homes, health homes) both in the city and at the hospital.

Ppresent in France, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, and in Luxembourgthe Band Ecuasens is now developing the first health platform, a unique ecosystem in France and Europe, which puts the best of technology at the service of humans.

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