Everything you need to know about the mandatory multi-year work plan

PRACTICE – Condominiums older than 15 years must prepare a multi-year work plan (PPT). The reduction of energy consumption and the maintenance of buildings are the engines of this law.

Filed in 2019, . This text is part of the climate and resilience law, aimed in particular at combating climate change and achieving energy savings. Specifically, the development of a PPT will therefore be gradually mandatory for co-properties over 15 years old intended for total or partial habitation. Therefore, condominium buildings dedicated entirely to commercial activities or offices are not affected.

For the rest, the law enters into force on January 1, 2023 for co-ownerships of more than 200 lots, on January 1, 2024 for those composed of 51 to 200 lots and, finally, on January 1, 2025 for the of 50 lots or less. . Suffice it to say that many homes will soon be affected. The rehabilitation obligation could lead to some owners who have opted for rental investment not wishing to undertake energy rehabilitation works. Because if the aid exists and it can be important, the French stay.

The PPT, what is it exactly?

The multi-annual work plan is, therefore, an official document intended for co-ownerships over 15 years of age. This document is similar to a schedule that allows establishing the list of works that will have to be carried out in a period of ten years. These works must have two main objectives, namely, the correct maintenance of the buildings and an improvement in their energy performance. Therefore, the PPT must precisely mention the expected results in terms of reduction of energy consumption, the planning and the list of works foreseen during this ten-year period, and an estimate of their cost. This last point is very important for co-owners. Indeed, having a clear vision of the investment to be made makes it possible to better anticipate these expenses and calculate the expected participation of each one according to their participation. The implementation of this multi-annual work plan must be entrusted to a […]

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