Explosion in electricity prices: the first supermarkets threatened with closure!

“Explosion in electricity prices: the first supermarkets are threatened with closure” is the title of this Deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten article, and don’t ask me how to pronounce it because our friend Christophe, who is our correspondent, automatically names in Germany You could rightly make fun of my very “Norman” pronunciation!

What you need to remember is quite simple. If we don’t help businesses, it won’t help individuals, because soon we’ll all be unemployed with nothing to eat and no toilet paper to wipe our august behinds with.

This is what our comrade reader translates for us.

The energy crisis is creating growing problems. Many supermarkets are losing their advantageous electricity contracts. The consequences are dramatic.
Due to the sharp increase in energy prices, the fear of cold offices and apartments is only growing in Germany. Electricity is a major problem and German SMEs are particularly affected, according to Lübecker Nachrichten. The newspaper thus reports the Osnabrück case. The municipal services of this city of 165,000 inhabitants have terminated the contracts of more than 1,000 companies.

The consequences are disastrous for companies. No connection contract was offered to them and now even supermarkets face a challenge to cope with this situation.

Five Edeka stores affected.

In the specific case, it is about five Edeka stores. (A kind of Super U, the Edeka belong to their operators).

The operator Mechthild Möllenkamp informed the Wirtschaftswoche of her emergency. Möllenkamp is affected by the rush of completions in Osnabrück, as its branches will be without electricity in 2023, according to the current situation. The contract would have expired at the end of the year anyway. Compared to the last 24 years, this time there have been no new offers for a connection contract, as Möllenkamp explains to Wirtschaftswoche: “The municipal services have not offered anything at all, it’s the big disappointment for me.”

If the operator does not find a new provider, it would be in the basic supply offered by Stadtwerke (the standard contract for individuals, in fact). This basic supply would last three months and cost up to 80 cents per kilowatt hour. A problem for Möllenkamp.

In the worst case, the five Edeka supermarkets risk having to pay more than a million euros extra, according to Wirtschaftswoche magazine. Möllenkamp explains the situation to the business magazine: “We cannot close for two months, especially without electricity, because then everything would rot in our freezers and cold rooms.”

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source the Deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de here

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