Faustine Bollaert and Maxime Chattam: intimate confidences about their partner’s success

On October 4, 2022, Faustina Bollaert will be in charge of a new issue of The times they Are a changingon France 2. A new baptized The couple: 50 years of combat that covers fifty years of revolution on sex, couples and love. On this occasion, the beautiful 43-year-old presenter gave an interview to Television star and a question about his marriage and his family did not escape.

Twelve beautiful years have passed since Faustine Bollaert weaves the perfect love with Maxime Chattam and ten years since the lovebirds have come together. The lovely brunette knows that she can count on her love and affection to support her in any area. “We are a complementary couple with interchangeable positions. My husband takes care of the children as much as I take care of the house. is a perfect parity“, he trusted, and clarified that, when a testimony of starts today annoys her, he is there so she doesn’t get overwhelmed by his emotions. “I turn to my husband or my close circle to tell my feelings. It is essential for my health.“, he clarified.

Her children Abbie (9 years old) and Peter (7 years old) are also an important support for Faustine Bollaert. Two wonders that she raises in the same way. “I don’t talk to them about gender because they are too young, but I explain to them that you can love a man or a woman without it being a problem. It is up to them to do their own learning. My son has been playing with dolls for a long time and my daughter categorically refuses to wear pink“, she said;

Her children, she wants to preserve them. Although she reveals some photos on social media, she is careful to hide her face. She is also quite low key when it comes to her romance. We know anyway that it was in 2010 when she and Maxime Chattam met, on the Europe 1 antenna thanks to the program What if that was happiness?. “I find that meeting very nice while he is promoting a story that ultimately tells a little about ours. Throughout the show, we fell in love with each other. Afterwards, we went out together much later but we met there.“, he said in won’t get out of here (France 2) in 2019. A romance that did not start immediately because they were both a couple at the time.

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