features and price of the “world’s fastest desktop processor”

Intel today introduced its 13th Generation Intel Core processors. Initially aimed at stationary PCs, these new chips once again give pride of place to performance… and consumption.

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It is already a trend in the PC market, brands of processors Y graphics cards they are part of a race for power and consumption. After AMD and its Ryzen 7000, it’s up to Intel to introduce its 13th generation of Intel Core chips. predatory lake “. We take a look at what’s new.

The “world’s fastest” desktop processor

According to Intel, the brand regains the crown in terms of performance thanks to this new generation. It is the Intel Core i9-13900K that will take the role of champion in this new range. With no less than 24 cores, 32 threads and a frequency that can reach up to 5.8 GHz.

Beware, when Intel highlights the capabilities of its processor against the competition, it is compared to AMD’s Ryzen 5000 generation. It’s pretty legit from Intel, the Ryzen 7000 range has just been released and the manufacturer hasn’t had time to update their own benchmarks. It will be up to the press to decide between the two brands and determine who will be the most efficient this year between AMD and Intel.

13th Gen Intel Performance

More specifically, for this processor, Intel announces a performance increase of 15% in mono threadand up to 41% in multithreaded . This would translate to a performance boost of 24% in gaming and 34% in creative work.

Raptor Lake Architecture

The new generation of Intel Core processors is based on Raptor Lake, which very logically takes over from Alder Lake. The architecture introduces several important changes, but we are still in a simple update of the range. The 12th generation hybrid philosophy is still there, with performance-oriented cores (P-cores) and power-saving cores (E-cores).

Intel Raptor Lake Architecture

This new generation is based on an increase in the number of E-Cores in various references, an increase in the L2 cache for each core by 2 MB and an increase in frequency. The latter is done thanks to better control of the operating voltage of the processor. At the same voltage, Intel announces that it can extract 200 MHz more from its Raptor Lake processors.

As for memory, the 13th generation still supports DDR4 and DDR5, but now offers support for the faster DDR5-5200.

Final detail for the new architecture: a new version of the faster 900 MHz Compute Fabric component. As a reminder, this is the component responsible for inter-core communication, consistency, and scheduling of tasks to be performed. The Thread Director has also been updated in software and Intel promises to take advantage of the new features of windows 11 2022 to maximize performance.

The manufacturing process used is still Intel 7, but with new improvements that mark a third generation of Intel SuperFin transistors. The manufacturer therefore does not go through TSMC to manufacture its processors, one of the elements of differentiation with other chip designers such as Apple or AMD.

Consumption breaks the ceiling

Like AMD and Nvidia, Intel highlights the best performance of its new chips for equal consumption. But as with competitors, the new architecture may have higher consumption and thus break new records in the field.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 15.58.34
Intel highlights performance per watt

More specifically, Intel promises to reach the performance level of an Intel Core i9 12900K chip at 241W with an Intel Core i9 13900K chip at just 65W. Note that the firm uses performance here multithreaded with, therefore, a clear advantage for generation 13 and the multiplication of low power E-cores.

By increasing the consumption and heat generated by the chip to 253 W, Intel promises to achieve the famous +41% performance promised by its new architecture.

A new Intel Z790 platform but not required

Unlike previous generations, and this is important to note, Intel is not going to force its customers to renew their motherboard to benefit from the new processors. Generation 13 runs on the same LGA1700 socket and motherboards with chipsets Intel 600 Series will be supported.

13th Generation Intel Raptor 3 Processor

It’s a nice change between AMD and Intel. Until then, it was rather AMD that was known for a good following of its platform, socket AM4 had known several generations of Ryzen chips. However, the firm opted for a new AM5 socket for the Ryzen 7000 with a forced adoption of DDR5 memory. From now on, it is Intel that is in the softest evolution, in this end of the year.

For those looking to build a new machine, Intel has provided a new Intel Z790 platform that adds more PCI Express 4.0 lanes (in addition to the 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes managed by the CPU). thechipsetsit also offers more speed on the USB bus.

Intel Core i5, i7, i9: the detailed range

Intel 13th generation processors will be available starting October 20. The brand starts its generation with a range of processors for desktop PCs, but soon we should see the H, HX, P and U ranges land for our laptops.

More specifically, the 13th generation range since it has six references, two Intel Core i9, two Intel Core i7 and two Intel Core i5. Each time, Intel offers a K reference with the Intel UHD Graphics 770 graphics chip and a KF reference without the graphics chip.

13th Gen Intel Core Computer

Unfortunately, Intel only communicates prices in dollars at this time. Prices in the United States do not change for the Core i9 compared to the 12th generation, but they do rise for the rest of the references. Where the Intel Core i5 12600 launched at $264 or $289 (KF and K respectively), the 13600 model drops to $294 and $319.

All this without counting the new parity between the dollar and the euro. Suffice it to say that prices in France are likely to be very salty.

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