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Address Compiègne this Tuesday, September 27, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté + In this test, the Prix de Beaune will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be held over 3800 meters, and will be endowed with €95,000.

In this event, Risk du Brizais (2) has four victories this year, including three in the specialty that interests us. He is consistent overall and in good shape on the flowy courses. He will have to carry 71kg and his weight situation has been revised upwards since his last performance in the hurdles. That said, he seems capable of retiring from the game. Happyday (3) will make his respawn here. Possessing quality on the ground, he won in style on his debut over jumps. He participates in his first handicap and has the means to win a test of this type, as long as he does not miss a course for his return to the track. Capodimonte (16) made his reappearance in August in Dieppe, demonstrating in this time he needed to run. He should have improved since then, but his task would have been easier in the second event. On the other hand, he has to like Compiègne.

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Donatien Sourdeau de Beauregard: Huron (1) was heavily penalized for their two provincial wins in the first half. His task is now more complicated, although lately he has defended himself well. He arrives home, with work behind him. He seems to me capable of behaving well on Tuesday, although it is never easy to resume contact under such load.

George Noel: Champagne Mystery (4) is in great shape, ready for a comeback. Plus, it’s doing really well. In addition, it is taken at a value that allows it to be competitive.

Philippe Peltier (G): Futbolisto (5) has held up well since his good summer outings at this level. He is doing well at Compiègne and no longer has to prove himself in heavy handicaps. He promises to be competitive again on Tuesday, knowing that a bit of rain would do him good.

Gaëtan Taupin: Shenko Magic (6) just showed his form on the floor. He had previously taken off his quintet to our great joy. He finds Compiègne on Tuesday, a track where he has already done well. He seems to have stayed very well at work. We will have to deal with an upwardly revised value. I’m not naive enough to expect progress from him at 10 years old, but I should follow his course.

Ms. Sophie Leech: John Locke (7) disappointed in Strasbourg. He is a horse that we are still getting to know and trying to understand. We’re putting blinders on him, because he’s been a bit lazy lately. It is certain that he can win a straight, but perhaps at a slightly lower value and, most likely, on a fast track like Cagnes-sur-Mer.

Mathieu Pitard: Halo On Fire (8) was coming back through the jumps lately, having run flat the previous few times. We had put him in the rear for the occasion, he had behaved well. We will try to put it a little closer and try to get there and finish. The Compiègne route is not a problem, it adapts to everything.

David Dehan: Kapteen (9) earned his comeback very well. Fifth, it’s always tough, but we think we’re in the top five, at least, despite his three kilo penalty. As he tends to shoot at the beginning of the course, you have to be patient with him and then gradually go up, without bothering him.

Miguel Seror: Eximia (10) has shown good consistency this year. He has already behaved well at this level, but in front of his contemporaries. On Tuesday he will have to face his elders. She’s going to make a comeback of it, but she’s fine. The track should not be very heavy; very soft ground would be good. Her jockey knows her and we count on him to put on a good race.

Jerome-Didier Marion: Mambosun (11) is making a comeback, but is doing very well. I had a lot of trouble finding him at the beginning of the season, but he is much better than he was in the spring. He is getting back into shape and I think he had a good preparation. He can make the arrival.

David Windrif: The Tickler (12) has been sick this summer. It’s much better than that. We took care of it and that allowed us to put it back in good condition. I hope it rains a lot, but maybe he can’t handle those horses. One day or another, he will be able to make this type of racing a reality, especially on heavy terrain.

Ms. Sophie Leech: McGroarty (13) seems to hate Auteuil as he has never raced well there. He needs everything to go his way to make his value, because otherwise he runs extremely poorly. His weight situation is not a problem, but he must show that he can perform well on this Compiègne track. He loves Clairefontaine and might as well go to Cagnes-sur-Mer after this test.

Brian Beaunez: Inside Montlioux (14) he had a summer break and went to the meadow. So it’s a real comeback here. It seems to me, however, capable of offering good value on Tuesday. His partner gets along with him. He can, in my opinion, aim for a place at the end of the combination of fifth.

A summary: 3-6-5-8-2-1-10-9 The press summary: 2 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 10 – 4 – 8

Equidia: 3-2-8-9-5-1-10-4
Europe1: 1-4-2-10-5-7-6-3
The Parisian: 2-3-6-1-9-5-10-8
Alsace: 3-2-1-5-4-10-9-6
Paris Turf: 1-5-2-3-9-8-10-6

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