five ex-rugbymen from Grenoble return to court for rape and failure to prevent a crime

By Elisa Artigue-Cazcarra

The court of instruction confirmed, on September 22, I renewed the court of assistance for «violation in réunion» by Loïck Jammes, Rory Grice and Denis Coulson, suspected of having raped a student in 2017, after a match , in Bordeaux. Two other former FCG players, Chris Farrell and Dylan Hayes, are charged with failing to prevent a crime

The investigating chamber of the Bordeaux Court of Appeal confirmed, on September 22, the referral to the Criminal Court of three former Grenoble rugby players for “rape at a meeting”. Loick Jammes, Rory Grice and Denis Coulson They are accused of raping a 21-year-old Bordeaux student on the night of March 11-12, 2017, during a party after a match between their then club, FCG, and UBB. What they dispute, claiming that the young woman was consenting.

Two other former FCG players, Chris Farrell and Dylan Hayes, suspected of having witnessed scenes and not having done anything to put an end to them, also took over the jurisdiction. Indicted in July 2021 for “no impediment of crime”, they had appealed. The investigation chamber considered that there were sufficient charges against them and ordered their indictment before the Gironde Criminal Court for this related offence.

“The stop is very reasoned. This is a very positive decision, which we expected. The events happened more than five years ago, reacts to Me Anne Cadiot-Feidt, the young woman’s lawyer, civil party.

However, this decision is not yet final: the five former Grenoble rugby players can appeal to the Court of Cassation.

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