Five rescuers killed during typhoon Noru

Accompanied by winds of 195 km/h, it is the most powerful typhoon recorded in 2022 in the country.

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Five rescuers died during Typhoon Noru in the Philippines. They were in a flooded village, authorities announced on Monday, September 26. “They had been deployed by the provincial government in a flooded area”, in Santa María, said Lt. Col. Romualdo Andrés, police chief of the municipality of San Miguel, near Manila. According to San Miguel Natural Disaster Manager Renan Herrera, they likely drowned in the flood waters.

On Sunday, Noru inflicted strong winds and heavy rain on the densely populated main island of Luzon. The typhoon made landfall at 5:30 p.m. local time (11:30 a.m. French time), in the municipality of Bordeaux in the Polillo Islands, which are part of Quezon province. Accompanied by winds of 195 km/h, it is the most powerful typhoon recorded this year in the country.

The Philippines is hit by about 20 typhoons every year, a phenomenon that tends to get worse in due to climate change caused by human activities and the consumption of fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas).

Nearly 75,000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm, with weather services warning of the risk of major flooding in vulnerable parts of the country. “You may think we’ve done too much”the president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, said during a briefing. “There’s nothing like overdoing it when it comes to disasters”he added.

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