Florence Foresti praises her “spiritual father” Laurent Ruquier

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The comedian, who is returning to the stage and presenting a series on Canal + soon, thanks the host, whom she describes as “honest, loyal, extraordinary”.

As your new show begins boys boys boysFlorence Foresti appears on Canal + on October 3 orders, a series in the form of enthusiastic and ironic autofiction. On this occasion, questioned by our colleagues from telerama comedian whose last performance at the Césars had given much to talk about recalled different episodes of his career. And in particular about his friendship with Laurent Ruquier, whom he describes as “spiritual dad”.

“A man who loves artists”

“He blindly trusted me, I return a blind love”explains Florence Foresti. She talks about her invitation to the program “We tried everything” in 2004. Before accompanying her, the young comedian had only appeared in a “Burger Quiz” and an “8:10 o’clock” in Stephane Bern. With Ruquier, this is what will make her famous, Foresti embodies characters of all kinds for two years often linked to the guest of the day. A compilation DVD of her best performances will become a commercial success.

“He is a man who loves artists, because he himself is”, continues Florencia Foresti. Laurent Ruquier, producer of Gaspar Proust and Thomas VDB himself, author of numerous plays, took the stage. In 1997 he presented the only stage finally nice. Then in 2000, nice for the last time. Last year, Laurent Ruquier had also considered returning to the stage. Before you change your mind: “Social networks, today’s society sometimes tire me.” Florence Foresti concludes about her: “He is a loyal, upright, extraordinary man. He has my eternal gratitude, he knows it, too. Well, I hope he knows.”

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