Florence Foresti takes advantage of her anxiety disorders: “I need antidepressants to be successful in life”

We often imagine Florence Foresti cool, always the first to laugh and make fun, with a life as organized as his shows are well constructed. However, it seems that the 48-year-old comedian leads a life far from what we imagine. If she is famous, Florence Foresti is not saved, like everyone else. She also found herself as a single mother having to manage a separation and organize joint custody with Julien Mairesse, the father of her 15-year-old daughter Toni, as she is about to present Canal + to her fans from October 3 in ordershis first series.

Florence Foresti hides her game well behind her smile and her inexhaustible good humor. on the pages of TV Star, He affirms that this creation is the echo of his own life, between celibacy, the son, the period of joy and above all depression. Because yes, the star of orders suffer from restrictive anxiety disorders:I don’t want people to know me at all. I only hope to make those who suffer from anxiety disorders feel guilty, she confesses Let’s be lenient with our mental illnesses! Maybe if I show that sometimes I need antidepressants to survive, that will help the sick.

Their “anxiety disorders“, Florence Foresti suffers from them for several years. But that obviously doesn’t stop her from teasing them and exposing them to make people laugh. Florence Foresti assumes that she wants to reveal herself but without showing too much either. everything related to motherhood and her daughter Toni: “I didn’t want to portray my daughter. I wanted to protect her. […] Will it be okay if I teach him when he’s older? she will see.”

The same on the side of his loves. Separated from Xavier Maingon, Florence Foresti preferred to imagine her character as a single woman: “Celibacy is often more fun than despair than full married life. Celibacy also plunges the character into true loneliness when her daughter is with her father and allows me to do scenes of seduction or failed love..” Failure is currently not relevant on this side as Florence Foresti swims happily with Alexandre Kominek.

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