Florent Pagny, cancer victim: a close friend finally breaks the news

The news is rare Florence Pagny currently taking care of him. On January 25, 2022, the singer announced that he had to cancel his tour because he was suffering from lung cancer. Very rare on social networks, this summer he simply shared a photo to reassure everyone, as he regained color at the level of the Aegean Sea. But since ? To find out, it is better to ask his relatives.

Therefore, it is Zazie who, today, is in charge of transmitting the message. At 58 years old, the artist premieres this Friday, September 23, 2022, a mini-album titled LA Pcomposed of the four titles Begin, Gravity – whose melody was imagined by his brother , gilles Y let it shine. She is also set to release an eleventh studio album at the end of the year, and she is ready to return to the show. The voice. It is in this context, recalling the time of her previous five seasons, that she spoke of her relationship with Florent Pagny.

I often have him on the phone.

Last season I didn’t watch all of it because I was working on my songs, but I liked the sweetness and increased pleasure between the coaches.he explains to the newspaper The Parisian. There was benevolence everywhere, from Florent Pagny, whom I know by heart, whom I often have on the phone and who is doing well..” After 4 years of absence from the TF1 show, if we don’t count the edition All the starsZazie will therefore return to her red seat for season 12 of The voice. Without Florent Pagny, but with new partners.

Amel Bent, rubbing elbows with her at Restos du Coeur, discovered a hyperactive woman with total intelligence, calmer now that she has children, Zazie assures. Vianney is the same. I know less about Bigflo and Oli, but we meet on tour, they are benevolent and intelligent. Everyone will have their own seat. we should have a good laugh.” As for Florent Pagny, we obviously hope to see him again, on screen and on stage, in great form, very soon…

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