After his control scan, Florent Pagny, a refugee in Patagonia, prepares for a delicate intervention planned in Paris. In that sense, the technician of La Voz who looks serene after his control takes advantage of his stay in Argentina. At the same time, this delicate operation in France will allow him to completely get rid of his lung cancer.

Florent Pagny against cancer

Indeed, Closer magazine reports 60-year-old singer Florent Pagny as a refugee in Patagonia, South America.

In this sense, the coach of La Voz makes the decision to enjoy this getaway after chemo and radiotherapy protocols.
Apparently, Inca and Aël’s father has just passed a control exam. in early September.

Notably, the famous artist does not share any news about this review has passed but still seems serene.
Therefore, the publication states the nomad magnetized by South America, land of his Argentine wife Azucena behind.

Florent Pagny refugee in Patagonia

Indeed, Florent Pagny, a refugee in Patagonia, stays on his huge ranch on his wife’s land.

Secondly, Florent the globetrotter will also have to prepare to undergo a delicate surgery as soon as he returns to France.
In this sense, the reporter of the Journal du Dimanche Florian Anselme evokes this operation of the father of Inca and Aël.

Apparently, this specialist shares his point of view as part of his passage in Touche pas à mon poste.
Notably, the reporter refers to the claims launched by Closer on the set of this talk show hosted by Cyril Hanouna.

A delicate intervention planned in Paris

Indeed, Florian Anselme explains that the tumor remains inoperable due to its size and other factors at first.

In this sense, the reporter of the Journal du Dimanche is based on the words of a specialist who treats this type of tumor.
Apparently, this medically well-placed source claims that The goal is to reduce it as much as possible..

Next, surgery can be performed for full recovery of the cancer patient.
And yet, stresses that he is not aware of a planned operation on Florent Pagny at the moment.