Foot OL – Jean-Michel Aulas, the much-loved signing of the new OL – Olympique Lyonnais

With the arrival of John Textor as the majority shareholder of OL, the status of Jean-Michel Aulas seemed to be threatened. However, the president of Lyon will receive a significant salary to maintain his functions.

a page turnsOL. As in Marseille, the Americans arrive to restore the image of a monument to French football. John Textor, a wealthy businessman, will become the owner of OL at the end of September. The film and music producer is well known in the football scene as he is also a shareholder in several clubs. Among them, Botafogo, Crystal Palace or Racing de Molenbeek. According to information from the newspaper l’Equipe, despite the arrival of John Textor, Jean-Michel Aulas will maintain his activities as president of the OL group and, therefore, will benefit from a large salary. In total, the 73-year-old French manager will receive €2m a year to fulfill his role as chairman and CEO of OL Groupe, with a possible bonus of €1m per season. At 3 ME achievable per season, JMA arrives, in terms of remuneration, in terms of the salaries of players like Anthony Lopes for example.

Classrooms threatened by the arrival of Textor?

If, therefore, he remains at OL and with a very good salary, Jean-Michel Aulas must still offer guarantees to the new shareholder of the Rhône club. A few days after the official sale of the club, Lyon is sixth in the championship and does not play in the European Cup. An anomaly for a formation accustomed to the great European events during the 2000s. If since then it is PSG that has taken the place of the main representative of French football in the old continent, OL still wants to win a European Cup . with the men’s team. The women’s section scandalously dominates European football with 8 Champions Leagues. Aulas will necessarily have to contribute to his training being resumed in Ligue 1. If for the moment, the results of Peter Bosz do not live up to the expectations of American investors, the future will be in everything with Jean-Michel Aulas, who will touch the jackpot, but will also have to be responsible.

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