“For two years I have had many rings”: Kelly Vedovelli drops a big clue about her love situation

This Monday, September 26, 2022 at TPMP, Cyril Hanouna was interested in the higher expenses of his columnists. We learned in particular that Benjamin Castaldi, who recently explained his crazy star quirks when he was the driver of secret storyhad splurged buying a car after seeing the movie royal casino. Leaving the cinema, he went directly to Aston Martin to buy the James Bond car. price of madness? €380,000. Unfortunately, he sold his car some time later for 150,000 euros, while today it is worth 1 million. “always confused“Then take Baba.

Kelly Vedovelli has been covered in rings for two years

The driver also interviewed Kelly Vedovelli and her exchange surprised more than one. “Kelly Vedovelli, what’s the crazy thing you’ve done?“, wonders who is regularly the target of his chroniclers’ taunts about fortune.

Yo, the madness is that I’ve been waiting for a ring all my life. I was a bit like the princess who dreamed of a ring all her life (…) So what did I do two years ago? I wanted to protect myself from fate. I took out everything I had in my PEL, gathered all the money, and took it out of the bank. I had my money in my pockets“, he begins, before getting angry: “I said to myself ‘I’m going to buy this ring… This shitty ring that I was never offered“.

I bought it myself, and bim, chased away fate, since for two years I have had a lot“, concludes the columnist, who however recently indicated that she was single…

But then who gives him all these rings? A same generous boyfriend? Multiple suitors? Does she buy them herself? Unfortunately, she didn’t say more.

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