FourKites’ latest list of top European carriers illustrates the return on investment of high-quality, real-time supply chain data.

Major carriers report significant increases in shipping volumes despite continuing market volatility

AMSTERDAM, September 23, 2022–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–Leader of the real-time supply chain visibility, four kites today publishes its global PCL list of leading carriersthat distinguishes the growing community of brokers, carriers, and logistics service providers that meet the highest standards of operational excellence for visibility across all modes of transportation.

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FourKites’ Latest List of Top European Operators Reflects the ROI of High-Quality, Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Data (Graph: Business Wire)

To be in the PCL, carriers must demonstrate their ability to provide high-quality, consistent and accurate data for the majority of their shipments, to enable their shipping customers and other ecosystem partners to optimize their operations, speed up response times shipping dock, reduce inventory levels and optimize labor costs.

In the first half of 2022, 685 carriers joined PCL, with an increase of 8% for carriers based in Europe. These top carriers had a significantly higher percentage of follow-through, on average, compared to non-PCL carriers. Over the past six months, carriers that qualified for the Tier 1 Carrier List have tracked an average of 92.6% of their ground shipments with real-time visibility, compared to 74.3% for carriers who only qualified. they are not listed.

“We partner with FourKites to grow our business,” says Vladas Stončius, CCO, Vlantana. “Suppliers increasingly expect carriers to provide real-time data on all shipments. Increase our margins.”

In particular, Tier 1 carriers posted higher growth rates than their non-PCL counterparts. In Europe, between the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022, PCL carriers saw their shipping volume increase by 9%, while non-PCL carriers in the region saw a 2% decrease.

“Meeting the FourKites Top Carrier List criteria is an increasingly important distinction for carriers, brokers and 3PLs who need to stand out in an increasingly competitive and volatile marketplace,” said Jason Eversole, vice president of operations and strategy. of FourKites operators. “We look forward to continued growth in the overall number of PCL operators, but also to the clear business benefits that come from their excellence in visibility.”

The list of the main operators is available herewhere users can search based on carrier capabilities, modes of transportation, geographic areas covered, and other relevant criteria.

The main operators attest to the benefits of the program:

Transervice is honored to be recognized as one of the leading FourKites carriers. FourKites has allowed Transervice and our clients to benefit from unprecedented visibility into our logistics operations. This capability ensures full transparency throughout the supply chain and contributes to the efficient use of resources. We are proud of this partnership with FourKites and look forward to their continued growth and innovation.”

– Tom Poduch, Senior Director, Solutions, Transervice.

Van den Bosch is always looking for new opportunities to make its supply chain more efficient and sustainable. Driven by data, insights and insights, innovation and digitization are key drivers. Being on the PCL list shows great recognition and confirms our position as a supply converter in the bulk sector.”

– Marrit Hopmans, Director of Data and Applications, Van den Bosch.

“As a former FourKites employee, I know from experience how critical their technology is to the entire industry. TransLoop is especially proud to be recognized as a top-tier carrier by FourKites. We will continue our efforts, regardless of the needs of our carrier and carrier. partners, to make TransLoop the most transparent and reliable broker partner in the industry”.

-Nick Reasoner, CEO, TransLoop

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