France team: Paul Pogba asks France to help him!

Revelations about the Pogba affair are multiplying. And now it is from the staff of the French soccer team that we learn some details of this amazing and disgusting story in more ways than one.

currently incarcerated Mathias Pogba communicated it on Friday through social networks thanks to videos already recorded before his imprisonment, Paul Pogba’s brother adding fuel to the fire. But this time, it is RMC who reveals the content of the statement by the policeman in charge of the security of the French team, which was heard by investigators last August on this subject. Because Paul Pogba confided in him the threats and blackmail of which he had been a victim for several months by various people, including Mathias Pogba. And the Blues’ security chief makes no secret that the midfielder for the world champions and Manchester United was living in sheer terror and that he was really counting on France to help him out of this dirty situation. A confidence that says a lot about Paul Pogba’s fears.

Pogba trusted the France team

Confiding to investigators that he felt there was a problem with the Manchester United player, the policeman in charge of protecting the tricolor internationals in particular recounted the way in which Paul Pogba had spilled information on him. ” For several months I have seen Paul quite worried and unable to take the step. It was at the beginning of the year, around March, he told me that he was going through a particularly difficult situation. First on the phone and then we talked at Clairefontaine. What scared him a lot is that he knows around him that he exists. He told me in a rather evasive way that he had already offered restaurants etc… But he was afraid of being considered a balance (…) As part of my role I told him that he could not keep this to me and that I must send this information. He told me that he wanted France’s help to stop him. “, in particular confided the security guard of the France team, who also specifies that he had noticed that during the Blues matches, Paul Pogba was sometimes surrounded by “young people” who were not from his family but who had invitations to the official zone.

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