France’s public debt slows its progression in the second quarter

Can we talk about encouraging signs when the public debt Has French increased enormously since the health crisis? In any case, its growth slowed down in the second quarter, with an increase of 6,200 million euros, reaching 2,916.8 million euros, INSEE announced this Friday. The increase had been much higher in the previous three months (+88.8 billion euros). The relationship between public debt and GDP Instead, it fell to 113.3% at the end of the second quarter of 2022, compared to 114.7% at the end of the previous quarter, detailed the National Institute of Statistics.

This fall is explained by the increase in the value of the gross domestic product, specifies the INSEE. The increase in the gross debt of the Public Administrations comes from that of the State debt (+16,300 million euros) and the AA.PP. local (+2,700 million) Social Security and the various agencies of the central Administration reduced their contribution, by 9,300 million and 3.5 billion respectively. In the first category, Urssaf Caisse Nationale (formerly Acoss) and Unédic redeemed debt securities, while the Social Debt Amortization Fund (Cades) is indebted for 5,600 million euros, says INSEE.

In the case of miscellaneous central government agencies, SNCF Network (-2.8 billion), France Competence and Bpifrance Participations are deleveraging. The European Treaty of Maastricht (…)

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