François Bayrou plays as Biden for the 2027 presidential election

EDIT – In the offensive against “the forced passage” of pensions, the centrist leader points further: the 2027 presidential elections! And even he summons the image of the American president to vindicate him.

“Francis…Biden”! Or “Joe…Bayrou”? This is how some of his relatives nicknamed the capo of the Modem and high commissioner of the plan, smiling equally. What a way for the Béarnese to forcefully remember him, he who keeps repeating to his interlocutors, sometimes making fun of him, that he will have to be counted on for the next presidential elections! Let the taunts swallow his arrogance. In 2027, he is careful to point out, he will be “younger than Joe Biden when he beat Donald Trump.” At this point, we can only agree with him, since he is 71 years old and will be 76 in the next presidential election, while the American president was elected in 78 autumns! We can also only recognize an almost… youthful determination when he assures you: “I don’t give up and I won’t give up anything.” Especially not in the election of the queen; And less in what he believes: a “centrist and central democracy.” Furthermore, François Bayrou-Biden has just demonstrated this by resolutely reiterating his opposition to

We do not govern against the people! The lesson clicks! This is not a simple “disagreement of form”, as has been repeated too often. Nor susceptibility out of place. Yes, there is here the affirmation of an annulment conviction. This one who shouts loud and clear “not that, Emmanuel”, in effect defends an idea of ​​reform based on social dialogue that was rightly accused of him by the president who appointed him as head of the CNR. This appointment meant a fundamental commitment, reiterated by the re-elected Head of State, to govern from now on in consultation and dialogue, which precisely excluded any passage in force! And if the warning was not heeded, François Bayrou clearly made it appear that he could not maintain this that would supposedly lead us away from the Franco-French archaism of archaeo-authoritarian rule. The president of Moderna thus wants to commit the country to entering… modernity. He takes advantage of the time savings […]


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