French team: Mbappé is not yet king of France, the violent call to order

Kylian Mbappé went through his match against Denmark this Sunday night in the League of Nations. His attitude also upset some Blues fans and watchers.

L’France team done with the League of Nations. A very difficult campaign for the defending champions, who were also on the verge of relegation to Ligue B. Didier Deschamps’ men sank this Sunday night in Denmark. Kylian Mbappé, the starter, will not have been able to make the difference despite some great chances. His lack of lucidity in the last gesture, like his attitude, sometimes bothers. He is criticized by fans and other observers for the moody side of him and sometimes uninterested in actions that he is not a part of. If he is not very far from becoming the essential boss of the Blues, Mbappé is not yet. And that, Jérôme Alonzo would like the PSG player to know.

Mbappé, there is still work to be done!

on the set of The Channel The TeamThe consultant has given his opinion on the Mbappé case. “I have always thought that power is not taken in a locker room. The players give it. The locker room makes you a boss. I’ve seen a lot of them come in saying they’re the bosses. But they cleared. A player must be doubled by his group. He is on the right track and the France team will belong to him one day. For now, I find that when he is mean and tough, he loses ease and effectiveness. He even loses empathy. He doesn’t exude the same things around him. The keys to the truck, he will have them when the others have decided to give them all to him. It is not he who will particular indicated Jérôme Alonzo, who hopes that Kylian Mbappé will simplify certain things in his game and his behavior to become the true boss of the Blues in the future.

Galtier warns Mbappé

Suffice it to say that the French prodigy will be eagerly awaited at the World Cup from November, but also with PSG in the coming weeks. By the way, Christophe Galtier took advantage of the international break to ask his attackers, and therefore necessarily his number 7, to be more effective in finishing. Despite their impressive number of goals scored since the start of the season, Paris SG are still fishing in this area according to their manager. “ I insist a lot on the way we should attack, the way to be more killers, because we created many situations for few goals in the last games. Christophe Galtier warned on his club’s channel. Without removing the knife in the wound, Kylian Mbappé knows that opportunities are less frequent in big games, and that you have to know how to be relentless in big games. And despite his skyrocketing goal tally, his decisive missed chances against Manchester United or Bayern Munich in the Champions League final sometimes remind him of…

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