Germany raises the alarm

What’s next after this announcement?

This is a warning, but it should be taken very seriously. Germany lost yesterday 1-0 in Hungary in Leipzig and let its rival play a “final” of this group 3 of the League of Nations against Italy. The winner will necessarily go to the Final Four in June 2023, but a tie will be enough for Dominik Szoboszlai’s teammates to climb among the 4 best European teams at the moment. Germany will play against England in a duel of doubting teams. The words used by Hansi Flick after the meeting have rarely been so forceful.

“The first half certainly has to be the worst half of the 14 games I’ve coached so far. Little courage, confidence, dynamism and intensity. There were a lot of mistakes, but I think we deserved this loss. We didn’t put in what it took to win and for the last game in England, we’re going to do everything we can to win. But for the moment, the final is Italy-Hungary. We leave too much space for Hungary. We have to avoid that for the last game.”warns the German coach, who lives his first defeat like this.

movie: “I’m very disappointed”

The observation is the same on the press side. “Scary and evil” title Sports1summing up the meeting as follows: “Under these conditions, the 2014 world champion will not play for the title in Qatar.” The players, the main affected, do not say otherwise either. “Of course the world title is the goal, but I see other nations ahead of us”recognizes an Antonio Rüdiger who was not at a great evening either. “I am not going home with a positive feeling. In the end, it is as if we did not play. They wanted more and we can’t accept that.”

“We were slow, very slow. We know we can do better and we must do better.”, bounces Ilkay Gündogan. Sixty days before their first game in Qatar against Japan, the Nationalmannschaft is plagued with doubts for the first time since Hansi Flick’s appointment last summer. “The time for experimentation is over” The coach warns that rarely have we seen him so disappointed after a match. “Every once in a while you shouldn’t let all your emotions out, but I’m very disappointed.” Germany may have lost more than one game yesterday.

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