Goodbye Lightning, hello Lightning!

Apple was heavily criticized with the launch of its iPhone 14, its new generation of smartphones does not show a great evolution or at least it is not up to par price increase practiced by the brand.

In fact, the brand would be above all preparing endless new products for iPhone 15 that will be offered next year and particularly in terms of variations iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra.


Among the rumors already shared, we know that Apple is preparing a new chip for its devices with meApple A17 Bionica SoC etched at 3 nm at TSMC which could be 70% denser than 5nm chips and thus show 10-15% higher performance and consume less power.

Goodbye lightning, hello USB-C!

Now another rumor is added and evokes the iPhone 15 connection. This is again a highly criticized point on the iPhone 14 since the choice to keep the lightning connection is currently a problem.

L’iPhone 14 offers a wide-angle photosensor 48MP that allows you to take photos weighing up to 75MB in ProRAW. However, the transfer capacity of the Lightning that is offered in the smartphone entails significant times for users who want to alternate several shots at the same time.

Europe wants to impose USB-C as a standard connector for all smartphones by 2024.

Apple would have already chosen to adopt USB-C as a physical port, but with technology Ray 4 to offer a much higher bandwidth. Therefore, the brand would already be aware of the limits of its iPhone 14 and plans to change its connector with the next generation, especially since the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra should segment the range of Apple devices a little more with a much broader orientation. professional and exclusive than today.

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