Google wants to make your browsing experience more comfortable

On Android, the Google app and Discover feed could change the way you open a web page. At this time, this feature is only beta tested on select Pixel phones.


Please do not try to discover and test this small change on your Android phone as it is currently rolling out to some Pixel phones running the latest beta version of the app. Google. In any case, it is stated 9to5Googlewho however was able to experience this novelty.

The novelty in question logically refers to the Google application, as well as the Google Discover feed. These two entities could change the way you open a web page: the default full screen could in future be a thing of the past, giving way to a small dedicated location in the background.

push to navigation

So the web page you’re on would no longer take up the entire space on your screen, in favor of the original Discover feed on one side, or the search bar on the other (for a Google search). As indicated in 9to5Googlethis would remind users that other results are just a click away, encouraging them to continue browsing.

As for the Google app’s search bar, which would then be visible and accessible in the background, it would also allow you to relaunch a search there with a single click. In the idea, it would be practical. The action buttons (close page, share, favorite pages and settings) would remain as they are, so as not to disrupt our habits either.

Google would let you choose

If you want to display your web page in full screen, then Google could give you the opportunity: you just have to “pull” the page up. On the contrary, the “drag” down removes said page and returns you to the previous interface. It is not known if Google will decide to deploy this novelty on a large scale.

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