Google’s incredible ball announcing the poster for the final!

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On November 20, the world cup 2022 will open its doors with the poster between Qatar and Ecuador that will mark the great debut of the competition. A World Cup where it seems difficult to identify a clear favorite, since several nations seem to have the weapons to lift the supreme trophy.

A France-Brazil final on December 18?

However, Google obviously already has its own idea of ​​the poster that could take place on December 18 during the final. While searching for the posters of one of the competition’s stadiums, the Lusail stadium which, in particular, is due to host the final, netizens realized that on December 18, Google was already planning a final between France and Brazil! ! Social media was obviously quick to broadcast this crazy prediction before Google erased their mistake.

As a reminder, the Lusail Stadium already knows six posters that will take place in its lair: Argentina-Saudi Arabia (November 22), Brazil-Serbia (24), Argentina-Mexico (26), Portugal-Uruguay (28), Saudi Arabia – Mexico (30) and Cameroon-Brazil (December 2). Looking forward to seeing the Blues and the Brazilians challenge each other in the final? We ask for nothing less…

To sum up

While the World Cup will open its doors in just under two months, Google has obviously already bet on a poster in the final… A search engine dumpling has seen France take on Brazil on the 18th of December! december!

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