Graphics card: GeForce RTX 4090 in Cyberpunk 2077 colors exists, but good luck getting it

news hardware Graphics card: GeForce RTX 4090 in Cyberpunk 2077 colors exists, but good luck getting it

As the launch of its new GeForce RTX 4090s draws nearer, NVIDIA is partnering with CDProjekt RED to offer graphics cards in the colors of Cyberpunk 2077. You can try your luck if you dare.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that made a lot of noise when it was released in late 2020, and not necessarily for good reasons: the title was riddled with bugs and fell short of expectations. However, CDProjekt RED has been hard at work improving the title, which has seen renewed interest in recent weeks with the arrival of the Edgerunners anime on Netflix.

The timing is good for NVIDIAwhich is preparing to launch its new RTX 40 graphics cards. Highly anticipated, these new GPUs will be able to strengthen any PC gaming configuration, what to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.6 in the best conditions.

An online contest to win an RTX 4090 Cyberpunk 2077

To mark the occasion as the commercial launch of the RTX 4090, scheduled for October 12, approaches, NVIDIA has decided to give away a handful of graphics cards through an online contest. These Founder editions show a custom plate in the colors of Samurai, Johnny Silverhand’s rock band in Cyberpunk 2077.

The competition is divided into three challenges:

  • The first challenge runs from September 26 to October 2.
  • The second challenge runs from October 3 to 9.
  • The third challenge runs from October 10 to 16.

To participate, you must search the Internet for clues that will allow you to complete the challenges in question.. They’re not necessarily hidden – it’s possible to find one on the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account. finding the code snippets doesn’t seem to be that easyand there will only be one winner per challenge, which could put off many potential entrants.

However, we imagine that the fact of getting an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 of which there are only three copies in the world will motivate many players to try their luck to participate in all three draws. Each winner will be contacted within one week of the end of each challenge.

The RTX 4090, a GPU at almost 2,000 euros

The other solution, if you’re lazy to follow the trail of codes seeded on the Web by NVIDIA, is to offer you the RTX 4090 when it comes out. But as much to say, you will have to break your piggy bank into many small pieces: the graphics card will be available in the coming weeks at a price of 1949 euros for the NVIDIA Founder Edition. Some models will be somewhat cheaper, such as the KFA2 RTX 4090 SG at 1,899.94 euros, while others will exceed 2,000 euros, such as the the ZOTAC RTX 4090 AMP Extreme AIRO announced at 2049.95 euros. Eventually, we can also begin to meet the challenges of the competition.

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