He postpones a medical examination for five years until the ax falls

I had a perfect life and everything changed in November 2020. as reported Sun, Brooke Gold, now 36, has been diagnosed with a terrible cancer. If he used to attend all of his medical appointments, has postponed, for five years, certain smears (gynecological examination) due to busy lifestyle and fear of outcome due to family history of cancer. Only he had decided to take the plunge when he noticed that he was losing blood between his periods. Her Pap smear revealed a four-centimeter growth on her cervix and she was diagnosed. stage four cervical cancer.

Faced with his very serious illness, his doctors would have even assured him that if he had waited even one more month before having the exam, he would probably have died. She was the mother of a girl, she dreamed of having other children. Thus, the doctors tried, during the surgical operation, to save her fertility. But they were unsuccessful because the cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. Thus, her cancer affected not only her cervix, but also other parts of her body.

Brooke Gold didn’t know if she would survive her cancer

Today, the young woman goes through medical appointments and claims to have to show her face “emotional and physical roller coaster“(…)

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