headlights, windows, seats… A380 spare parts for sale at auction

And if you buy a piece ofA380this mastodon ofAirbus Who was given the latest model last December? The Franco-German aircraft manufacturer has decided to put up for sale parts from one of its air giants, the largest flat historical commercial, with capacity for 853 people, informs blue france, Thursday, September 22. Most of these parts come from the A380 MSN 13, which entered service in 2008, operated by the Emirates airline, and dismantled in 2021 by the Tarmac Aerosave company. The auction, organized by the Labarbe auction house, will take place in Toulouse and on the Internet from October 13 to 15, 2022.

You will be able to acquire objects as varied as lamps, bars, a ladder to access the cabin, carts, seats, the lifeline in the cabin, belts, portholes, the emergency axe, the toilet seat, the bar of a business. cockpit, the original sketch of the design of the cabin of an A380 corporate jet and even the orange jumpsuit worn during the first flight of the prototype by pilot Claude Lelaie on April 27, 2005…

Airbus will auction a total of 380 lots, made up of 500 pieces, mostly cabins, for the benefit of the Airbus Foundation and the Airitage association. Some pieces are sold raw, while others have been transformed into longboards, skateboards or surfboards, air diary, 24th September. For a taste (…)

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