His croissant bought in a bakery hid a bad surprise

This misadventure risks getting stuck in your throat for a while. Laurent, a Nice 47-year-old, was visiting her father when he came across a croissant, bought in the morning, left by the septuagenarian, reports beautiful morning, on September 22. Neither one nor two, she bit him before she felt a foreign object in his mouth. Spitting out the morsel from him, the forty-something was surprised to find “a Bug metal, like those with which we hang posters on the wall”, he explains to our colleagues.

“It could have been serious,” he adds, because originally it was his father who should have bitten the Cake shop. The latter buys two croissants each morning, one to eat immediately and the other to fill a gap during the day. Fortunately, the little hunger did not make itself felt that day. It is only at the end of the day that his son, to whom he is going to offer the croissant, visits him. “He could have been hurt, stuck in a tooth or swallowed,” said the forty-year-old, about his father. The Niçois then went to the bakery to ask for explanations.

She would have offered him two more croissants. Contacted by our colleagues, the latter, annoyed, does not explain how such a bug could have ended up in the puff pastry. This material goes through the rolling mill to be flattened, before being cut and shaped by hand to make croissants. The Baker (…)

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