His first two children, Julia and Olivier, pay him an original tribute in his native land!

His departure left many French very sad. Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s 1pm news on TF1 was a daily appointment that no one would have missed for the world. It was also and above all an opportunity to highlight the beauties of France in all its forms, geographical, gastronomic or even craftsmanship. The man was fond of good food and very macho! And he never missed the opportunity to highlight the terroir of our country, its farmers and its products. He had even created a contest for the most beautiful market in France. Died at the age of 71, on March 2, as a result of lung cancer, the journalist dug a groove in hearts for more than thirty years that is not ready for oblivion. And it is to pay tribute to him that the municipality of Abbeville, on the Somme, inaugurated this Saturday, September 24, a market called “Jean-Pierre Pernaut”. A place steeped in history but also directly related to Nathalie Marquay’s husband’s passion for rural France and… for her home region, Picardy!

“It is a beautiful tribute. It deserves”

For the occasion, numerous people had gathered to attend the inauguration of this new plaque that bears his name, engraved in silver letters. Moved, those present did not hesitate to show their affection for this sadly deceased personality, as the columns of “Le Parisien” report: “He highlighted the markets. I didn’t miss any of his programs on TF1”, confesses an oyster seller from Normandy who adds: “He was close to the people. He is greatly missed.” Others did not hesitate to come from far away for this event such as Gérard and Jacqueline, an octogenarian couple: “It is a great tribute. It deserves. He was popular and he defended the markets.” Coming as a neighbor, the former journalist “friend” of “JPP” Henri Sannier also had warm words for his colleague: “He highlighted tourism and gastronomy in Picardy and in the Bay of Somme”, highlights the man who today serves as mayor from the nearby town of Eaucourt-sur-Somme. But the most moving presence in the crowd was the conspicuous and conspicuous one, of the journalist’s first two sons, usually so discreet. Julia and Olivier Pernaut really wanted to come to these places that represented their father so much: “It’s super nice, moving, moving,” declared their son, before justifying the event and welcoming this beautiful idea: “I had created the most beautiful market in France. It makes sense. Thanks to the municipality.”

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