how Apple could change everything in 2023

A rumor that comes a few weeks after the launch of the iPhone 14 suggests a future iPhone 15 Ultra. This could mean a lot of things for the future of the Apple brand.

Apple Event — September 7 1-17-0 screenshot
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source: Apple

In 2022, it sometimes feels like everything is Pro. Samsung launched a watch galaxy 5 pro, all manufacturers who want to integrate a slightly better equipped variant add the little word at the end of the product name to indicate it. This is how Apple would prepare its weapons to launch an iPhone 15 Ultra next year, replacing theiPhone 14 ProMax. At least that’s what Mark Gurman says about Bloomberga journalist who is usually very well informed about the apple brand.

The fact is, at this stage, we don’t know much else. This the journalist writes in his bulletin switched on :

Based on Apple’s current model, we can expect a design overhaul of the Iphone next year, which will coincide with the switch to USB-C and the possibility of a new Ultra model replacing the Pro Max.

What do we think of this rumour?

If the switch to USB-C seems like a good clue, given thatApple will be forced to switch to it before 2024, the idea of ​​an iPhone Ultra should be viewed with the utmost caution. In fact, Apple used the word Ultra for two products, the M1 Ultra and more recently theapple watch ultra, but you don’t necessarily have to consider that that’s all, everything will become Ultra in the apple brand. The seriousness of the source, however, helps to give credence to this rumor.

What could integrate an iPhone 15 Ultra, we know nothing about this and the bets are off. Should we wait for a folding screen? A different size? An X5 or X10 telephoto lens? A more powerful chip? Or even higher shock resistance, a bit in the spirit of the Watch Ultra?

A real gap with the range.

One thing is certain, so far when Apple has used this word, it has been to signify a real distinction from the rest of a range. If you take the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra or the Apple Watch Ultra, we are looking at products that create a very important gap, even an abyss, with the rest.

If Apple really integrated this logic into its most important product, the iPhone, then one can imagine that many other ranges would follow. We can imagine an iPad Ultra for example, or even a MacBook Ultra.

Dans un marché mature comme celui du smartphone, ce positionnement pourrait en tout cas avoir du sens puisqu’il permettrait de renouer avec une forme d’innovation en proposant des produits à un prix prohibitif, tout en continuant à sort des gammes plus classiques pour assurer income.

2023 can be Ultra

Regardless of what Apple chooses, it would align itself with its fiercest competitors. Both Samsung and Xiaomi offer an S22 Ultra and a Xiaomi 12S Ultra in their range, a variant that has been around for several years for manufacturers. Google rumors also point to a possible ultra pixel in the next years.

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