how to bet on a studio in the city

Small, accessible areas offer big opportunities. Taxation, location, rental regime: the rules so that profitability is at the rendezvous. Our examples in Lille, Aix-en-Provence and Angers.

Buy a studio, rent it and thus supplement your income thanks to the rents collected: on paper, the principle is simple. But in practice, it is more complicated. Should you buy old or new, rent empty or furnished, or even go for a dorm? The return range is wide, from 2 to 7% depending on the configuration of the investment made and the risk accepted. To choose from, here are three parameters to take into account: the location, of course, the profile of the tenant and, not least, the type of lease that will have a direct impact on taxation and, therefore, on future income. of the owner.

The potential of university cities

Above all, it is necessary to identify the city in which it is relevant to invest, knowing that it is necessary to count between 70,000 euros and 200,000 euros for a study depending on the location. It’s best to focus on those where demand is strong to ensure you find a tenant easily and re-rent quickly if you give notice. “The rental market is increasingly tense in this new school year, stresses Régis Sébille, data analyst at Bien’Ici. Only a quarter of the small spaces available are offered for rent and three quarters for sale. A year, the ratio was one-third to two-thirds.

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University towns are preferred, because students make up an ideal group of studio tenants, in addition to the young working population. For example, Aix-en-Provence, Angers and Lille, “where the real estate tension is particularly strong, points out Régis Sébille. The demand refers in particular to small furnished surfaces, but they are not the majority on the market”.

anticipate taxes

Then you need to choose the best type of investment for the chosen city. “Taxation is a crucial element, but you also have to take into account the degree of commitment necessary,” says Audrey Marigliano, director of Real Estate and[…]


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