How to better detect cancers for the least screened age groups, those under 40 years of age and those over 75 years of age?

It would be better to monitor the less than 40 years at risk, those between 40 and 50 years old, and those over 75, age groups that are less on the detection radars of the breast cancer despite the existence of risks for the elderly, warn specialists. Breast cancer is the most common and deadly cancer among women worldwide, with some 54,000 new cases each year and more than 12,000 deaths in France. But “mortality has decreased thanks to treatments and put on display“, stressed Pr Emmanuel Barranger, general manager of the Antoine Lacassagne center in Nice, on Thursday, September 22, during a press conference of the French Society of Senology and Breast Pathology.

The earlier a cancer is detected, the better the chances of survival and the less intense and aggressive the treatments will be. Many rich countries therefore carry out an organized screening policy, also promoted each year in France by Pink October, a variation of the Anglo-Saxon National Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. In France, women aged 50 to 74 have been invited, since 2004, to screening examinations including mammograms every two years, 100% covered, to detect a possible tumor. After a strong increase in the first years, this screening has stagnated and concerns about half of the target women, worrying certain specialists in a context where the frequency of breast cancer is increasing in almost all age groups except in the 55-65 years (…)

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