“I couldn’t be happier”, Guy Novès is delighted with Bernard Laporte’s stumbles

During a conference in Aveyron, former French XV coach Guy Novès said he was delighted to see FFR president Bernard Laporte, Mohed Altrad and Serge Simon tangled up in their trial in Paris criminal court. for suspicion of corruption.

Bernard Laporte’s legal setbacks provide Guy Novès with a certain pleasure. And he doesn’t hide it. The former coach of the French XV, whose dislike for the president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR) is notorious, was invited to give his opinion on the Laporte-Altrad trial during a conference organized in Onet-le-Chateau. According to Press Center – The Journal of Aveyronthe public received a resounding response: “I can’t be happier, happier, than to see what the fuck they’re up to.”

Serge Simon, also challenged by the courts in this case, also took his rank. Always according to the same newspaper, Guy Novès did not hesitate to say “the other branch” to talk about the vice president of the federation.

Laporte fired Noves in 2017

Speaking of this matter, Guy Novès would not have failed to mention his bad relationship with Bernard Laporte, specifying in particular that he had only seen him three times when they collaborated together in 2017. Their incompatibility and a series of poor results had resulted in the dismissal of the coach. , a first in the history of the XV of France. Two years later, the FFR was sentenced to pay one million euros in compensation to the Labor Courts.

“I don’t think that what is happening at the moment in the federation can have an impact on the players”, also declared Guy Novès, who therefore considers that this rehearsal does not harm the Blues’ chances for the next VI Tournament of Nations (July 4). february). -March 18): “They are in their bubble, with friends. They want to play and be the best, that’s what matters to them.”

Sentencing in the Laporte-Altrade trial, which relates to corruption charges, is due to be delivered on December 13. The prosecution requested three years in prison, one of them firm, against Bernard Laporte and Mohed Altrad, assuring that the latter, sponsor of the XV de France shirt and owner of the Montpellier club, would have paid 180,000 euros in return to the first of the city. for favorable arbitrations. The defense requested freedom and denounced an investigation built on a “fantasy”.

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