“I do not hide that…”: Laury Thilleman says more about her new life without Juan Arbelaez

Laury Thilleman confided her relationship with Juan Arbelaez in the podcast ¿How are you?, published this Monday, returning to her breakup.

laury thilleman trust with an open heart. The former Miss France posted episode 16 of her podcast on Monday, September 26. “I do not hide from you that it is not without emotion that I return to take possession of this microphone, after a necessary break and a somewhat turbulent summer”, begins in his description, with modesty and honesty. Open-hearted words, which refer to a painful episode.

laury thilleman confided in his breakup with Juan Arbelaez in May 2022. “I decided to live alone, explore, travel, reconnect with myself, with others, with nature… and also read, read a lot, an activity that had been somewhat neglected in recent years, due to lack of time, attention or interest. She had almost forgotten that reading was really an escape, a journey that one offers to the mind. I will never forget it again”She explained. in this podcast, laury thilleman wonders “About his flaws, his vulnerability, his low moments, and he gives us his unfiltered testimony to learn how to relieve guilt with a smile”. A podcast that appears biweekly.

An idyll ended in summer for the lady and the chef

Juan Arbelaez Y laury thilleman They announced their separation last May on social media. A message without rancor, with great tenderness: “After seven years of intense happiness and a life at a thousand miles an hour together, Juan and I have decided to continue our path separately. Juan has brightened my life with a thousand colors and he will always have a special place in my heart. , benevolence, gratitude and mutual respect that we share remain and will remain intact, so please respect our silence after this announcement.

This summer, the beauty had decided to go back to basics by taking vacation in britain, Where is she from. A stay in the green and a return to the sources that was needed.

Published the story of Laury and Juan

Red carpets, TV shows, social networks… laury thilleman Y Juan Arbelaez lived through a highly publicized story. Together they had opened restaurants. In 2018, the two lovers launched Vida, a Parisian restaurant in the heart of the 10th arrondissement. And his last project before the breakup was youmake a tv show around “the van we built with Juan, our house on wheels“, revealed laury thilleman last March.

Today, Vida’s website still lists the first names of Laury and Juan on its home page. If the page of your love story is turned, you probably won’t turn the page of your professional projects.

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