“I had to be a teammate and I am world champion”

The Dutch Annemiek van Vleuten could not get over having won the title of world champion this Saturday despite having a fractured right elbow.

Annemiek van Vleuten, road world champion 2022 : “I had to attack from behind, it was the only minimal chance I had. I got to the line thinking I’d see the sprinters go by but they never caught me. I was supposed to be a teammate today (Saturday) with my broken elbow and now I’m a world champion, it’s unbelievable. »

Lotte Kopecky, 2nd, at the microphone of Sporza (Belgian channel) “It is a great missed opportunity. I feel like I’m losing gold. I think I want to rewatch everything that happened in the last mile multiple times. It’s a shame, it was the opportunity of a lifetime when Marianne Vos collapsed. In the chasing group, I found myself only to close the gap at the head. And then I saw the Van Vleuten attack. Silvia Persico was in the group, she runs fast. She knew that if she closed the gap, Persico would win. She had come to Australia for the title. »

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The classification of the race.

Silvia Persian, 3. :: “There is a bit of disappointment, we were there for the victory. I’m happy, but at the same time not so much. I was not the leader at the beginning, we worked for the two Elisas (Balsamo and Longo-Borghini). We came back underwater in the last kilometer, I ran and I’m happy with third place. I completed the great job the girls had been doing all day. The Annemiek (Van Vleuten) attack? I didn’t see it, I noticed it in the last 500 meters, but then it was too late. I’m happy for her, but I’d like to try again next year. »

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the race movie

Liane Lippert, 4th and in the group of five in the lead until the red flame :: “I felt very strong today (Saturday), I had a very good team around me. In the last few laps it was faster, which was good. On the penultimate lap someone attacked and I counterattacked. I came out with Longo Borghini, but others caught up with us, we were left with five. Unfortunately we didn’t cooperate 100%, it’s a shame because I felt I had made a difference. In the end another group came back with fast riders and Van Vleuten attacked at the right time. I started my sprint very early and blew up a bit, I was at my limit. At one point I dreamed of something other than fighting for the podium, so for now the frustration prevails. »

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Van Vleuten, a historic year

Juliette Labous, seventh and first French :: “We wanted a break with Jade Wiel, Gladys Verhulst and Coralie Demay. It really didn’t happen. My teammates did a great job getting me to the bottom of the pothole every time. The weather didn’t bother me. In the red flame we came back overhead and I saw Van Vleuten go there. He didn’t have the legs to follow her. And for the sprint, I tried to get the right wheels, but Top 10 was the best I could do. »

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