“I lost 20 kg in 4 months”: Myriam Abel bluntly returns to her incredible metamorphosis

Invited to the Jordan De Luxe set, Myriam Abel returned to her incredible physical transformation. And for good reason, the singer lost 20 kilos in four months!

It was in 2005 that viewers met Myriam Abel. in the show the New Star. The singer then wins Season 3 of the show. He will then participate in reality TV angels and agreed to trust the program The 10 shows we miss the most in C8. But during his visit, netizens were somewhat surprised by his appearance. In fact, many of them wrote on Twitter that the singer would have had cosmetic surgery. Guest on the set of Jordan De Luxe, The young woman, now 41, revealed that she had lost many kilos.

Myriam Abel reveals for the first time having made “It does not matter that” in terms of food: “I was overweight. He weighed 70 kilos by 1m56. (…) I really had a very bad diet, and since I felt bad about myself, it was a consolation for me, the diet”, she said. Very self-conscious about her appearance, the singer decided to take control of herself thanks to a dietary rebalancing. “I lost 20 kilos in four months. It is not dangerous because I do not deprive myself of anything. It’s not a diet, I don’t get frustrated.” said the one who now weighs 51 kilos. now the artist “smells good“in their skin”.The next step was liposuction. There, today, I am super happy and super proud to have lost all those kilos without undergoing liposuction.” she concluded.

If you are happy not to have surgery, Myriam Abel has never denied having received injections : “They are injections to avoid small dark circles. The lips, I made them very light. It’s my passion! I’m lovin ‘it! I’m not addicted, because it would show. appearance”. Always very effective in an interview, Myriam Abel had not hesitated to accuse Loana of plagiarism! In fact, while the star of loft sung As I love you in 2001, the star of the New Star it is certain that the tall blonde stole the song ! “His producer Alain William was my previous producer. He made me record this song that I loved. I did a TV set with it, I did some promotion… It was my song”, recalled Myriam Abel in front of Jordan De Luxe. “They kept my voice, they have a very small one a little lowered. I was so well manipulated that I couldn’t defend myself.” specified the artist, who has nothing against Loana but remains “a little upset”.

The very critical singer against Shy’m

The winner of the New Star had also had a clear opinion on the choice of M6 for propose to Shy’m the animation of the tele-hook. While Jean-Marc Morandini insisted on “the gallery” What do former candidates say? New Star, including her, to pursue a career in music, the singer got carried away. “It’s not because we’re not on TV that we’re not professional singers and we don’t sing. Shy’m she doesn’t sell records anymore, so she has to be an entertainer.”I’m a singer H-24″, She threw.

Myriam Abel trusts her salary in Los Angeles from reality TV

The singer who had participated in the show. The angels of reality TV managed to set aside a small jackpot: “For the Angels it is between 15,000 and 30,000 euros per season. I was gone a month and a half. I have always been very aware that it is impossible to make a career doing one or two months of broadcasting at a time. I left thinking that the experience was going to be great and that, even if the album didn’t come out, the most important thing was to appear on TV singing, recording, doing a casting, etc. It brought me many contracts. “.

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