“I will play my card”

Author of a good first with the Blues, Youssouf Fofana, the Monaco midfielder, intends to do everything possible to return as quickly as possible to the France team. From the World Cup?

“How did you feel in your first selection?
Good. As I said in the hall, I felt a bit at home, since I don’t live very far. Suddenly it felt good to be back in the Paris region, in a beautiful stadium. I also felt comfortable in the sense that my teammates were able to help me with my positioning, with the ball. It could only go well.

Youssouf Fofana, speaking of his family

“I am proud that they are proud of me”

How do you judge your first?
Generally pretty good. Then I think that in the zone of truth there are two or three balls in which I can be much fairer and perhaps we would have deserved to score a goal from those passes. Afterwards, I am a bit demanding with myself, so I will never tell you that I played a good game. (smile).

At the break, with the score at 0-0, was there a bit of fear in the locker room?
We don’t talk to each other between players, we know that we’re doing well in the game, that they don’t have any situations. We know that if we keep pushing like this, putting much more intensity, it will come back. The coach remained positive in his advice, in his words. He remobilized us, in inverted commas, put a little more push and was immediately seen in the second half.

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What were the instructions for you in this system?
There was no real advice, the coach told us that we had already evolved together. (with Tchouameni) and that I was waiting for that double pivot, one half that goes up and another that remains in balance. We did it many times, Aurélien and I, so it was natural and he got it quickly.

Playing alongside Tchouaméni and against Badiashile, with whom he played or plays in Monaco, did that help you not to hesitate?
Yeah, sure, it helped me a little more. Later, in this type of event, we will not always have our friends by our side, we will have to make concessions.

How do you see this perspective of the World Cup?
I can see the Sunday (smile). We will have to win in Copenhagen and we will see what happens afterwards.

Was winning in front of your family and friends the first dream for you?
I dreamed that yes, finally, whether in front of my family or not, we had to win this match. Then in front of my family it’s a pride, I show them what I can do on the pitch because they don’t always have the opportunity to see me in the stands because it’s a bit far. I am proud that they are proud of me.

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Compared to the World Cup, it’s not stupid to think about it, maybe there is a card to play?
It’s not stupid at all, I know what you want me to say. I’ll play my card but call me at the next truce. If it’s a Coupe du monde, it’s a Coupe du monde, if it’s friends or qualification matches, it’s friends or qualification matches, but I’m going to work for you to try to come back in a team of France.

Didier Deschamps say something to you about your performance?
Not necessarily because of my performance, but because of the fact that I did 90 minutes for my first selection. Whether it’s the coach or the players who have a little more selection, everyone congratulated me. »

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