Iliad (Free) launches Stancer, its payment solution for merchants and small businesses

Iliad (Free) launches Stancer, its payment solution for merchants and small businesses

After being teased on social media, Stancer finally jumps into the field of credit card payments.

It is not a bank, but a payment provider that offers solutions for merchants and small businesses. An idea launched by Xavier Niel in 2018: “At Iliad, we were tired of paying exorbitant fees in order to charge our subscribers. Thus Stancer was born. It is a fairer payment solution.” Stancer was then used by Iliad Group ahead of a public launch today.

This new subsidiary of Iliad offers a non-binding offer launched for all distribution channels, with a reduced price and a fairly simple configuration. All the trader has to do is go to the Stancer site and sign up”soon“. This gives you a programming interface (API) to integrate into your website to enable online payments with StancerPay. The newly launched company also provides a payment link for remote charging (SMS, email, QR code or social networks).

The registered seller will also receive a payment terminal equipped with a Free Mobile card for in-store or roaming payments. The latter is free for a minimum of 150 transactions per month and charges €15/month if this criterion is not met. “We made the alter ego of Iliad in the world of payments. Stancer is non-binding, subscription-free and competitiveexplains George Owen, CEO of Stancer. The latter is estimated to be two to three times cheaper than the competition.

During a physical collection, Stancer charges a variable commission of 0.7% and a fixed commission of 7 cents in the case of an amount greater than €7. The same variable commission applies to online transactions, with a fixed fee of 15 cents for transactions over €7. “We want to prevent merchants from having to decline card payments when amounts are too small, due to fees that are too high.Stancer unfolds. A rate of 2.5% applies for payments outside the euro zone.

A desire to shake up the market.

Stancer’s price positioning is part of a logic of shaking up its world, as Free did in telecommunications. New players are emerging and changing the market like Apple Pay or start-ups and Iliad wants to be part of it.

The time is right to launch an alternative payment solution, we find ourselves in an economic environment where the margins of small merchants and independents are under pressure. We hope to find an echo with this goal.says George Owen. Strategic alliances with Iliad subsidiaries are planned to give a boost to the new payment solution. For now, Stancer is only present in France but it is “in strategic thinking for other European countries, in priority those where Iliad is already present“. Therefore, Italy and Poland could follow. Stancer currently has 25 people on his team and is targeting at least 20 hires in the next twelve months.

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