“I’m not the right person to talk about him”: Paredes’ dry response to Mbappé

After Neymar, it’s up to Leandro Paredes to keep quiet when talking about Kylian Mbappé. On Friday, after Brazil’s victory against Ghana (3-0), the Brazilian number 10 preferred to avoid the subject when asked to describe the nature of his relationship with the French striker. “With Kylian? Pfff…”, he had simply dropped Neymar in the mixed zone, before slipping away.

Also asked about the Parisian 7, the Argentine midfielder (28) was not much more expansive on this subject. Before the ESPN microphone, the new Juventus player from Turin, on loan with a purchase option during the last transfer window, dismissed the issue, hinting that his relationship with Kylian Mbappé was not the warmest. “I’m not the right person to talk about him. I can talk about those with whom I had a relationship but I can’t talk about the others,” explained the international (45 teams), currently with the Albiceleste, who must play a final friendly match against Jamaica, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (2 am).

A not so surprising response given the relationship between Paredes and Neymar, very close in the dressing room of the capital club that they shared for almost four seasons. A “clan” of South Americans with whom Mbappé has distanced himself a bit over time.

“It was a difficult decision to change clubs”

The Argentine international, on the other hand, was a little more open when it came to justifying his departure from the Parisian club to Juventus in Turin. While he admits to having trouble making this decision, Paredes admits that this loan within the Turin team It was vital for the Qatar World Cup (November 20 – December 18) that he had to play in the shoes of a starter with his team.

“It was a difficult decision to change clubs before the World Cup, due to adaptation, explains Paredes. I think I made the right decision, I needed minutes to get to Qatar in the best way, and it was the right thing to do. Play with Messi? It was one of the things that was in the balance, to be close to Leo to take advantage of it, to continue associating myself in the best way, but when we compared everything, I decided to go out and find playing time. Beautiful people will gather on Wednesday, November 2 for the last match of the Champions League group stage with PSG’s trip to the pitch of Juventus in Turin.

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