in Fessenheim, the post-central contraption was fake

As if the potion wasn’t already bitter enough… This Wednesday, September 21, our colleagues from the newspaper Alsace revealedin an article titled “ The post-Fessenheim takes the broth », the complete fiasco of the company created to replace the jobs destroyed by the closure of the infamous nuclear power plant.

Created in 2021, the Franco-German mixed economy company Novarhéna will be dissolved in October, without having carried out a single project “says the local newspaper. ” Given the lack of projects to be carried out, Novarhéna decided to go under. The Franco-German Sem (…) will meet next month with a single agenda: its dissolution. For Alsace (Renaissance) councilor Lara Million, who has presided over Novarhéna for ten months, it is above all about stopping spending, which has already started half of the capital. “explains the article. The small note still amounts to 500,000 euros for the taxpayer.

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What happened ? However, mountains and wonders were promised to the municipality: a turnover of 130 million, an expansion of the Rhine port and, above all, the creation of an industrial zone, Eco-Rhena. All under the patronage of Novarhéna, and on an area of ​​220 hectares. Yes, but here it is: environmental constraints oblige, the initial 220 hectares will become 80 hectares in 2021. In July 2022, the syndicate that manages the port of the Rhine, owner of Eco-Rhéna, gave Novarhéna the coup de grace by announcing that he himself to develop this space. Novarhéna, therefore, no longer has an object. ” Something had to be done for Fessenheim. He had to be Franco-German. We created a Sem, it cost half a million euros and it was useless “Resumes with Alsace the deputy Les Républicains Raphaël Schellenberger.

twice cuckold

And here is Fessenheim doubly deluded: in addition to being deprived of a perfectly working nuclear power plant, the municipality has the unpleasant surprise of discovering that the compensation offered to the municipality turns out to be a bogus gimmick. Remember, as Emmanuel Macron still claimed on September 5 that ” Fessenheim was a plant that had not been serviced for more than five years. and that confirming its closure was ” the most rational choice “, that no element of security or production justified this decision, taken by François Hollande and ratified by his former Minister of Economy once he assumed as Head of State.

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If Fessenheim is well known as the oldest central city of our park – dans laquelle les investissements ont cessé à de 2015 alors que la fermeture se profilait –, l’Autorité de sûreté nucléaire soulignait qu’elle distinguishes itself from manière «positive» par rapport à average. In 2020, the site’s final year of service, the atomic policeman noted that ” the number of significant events reported during the reactor production period was below the fleet average “.

The informative report of the National Assembly of October 6, 2021 also clarifies the point: “ The hearings held show, without any possible ambiguity, that neither the safety nor the security of the plant led to the shutdown of the reactors. The Fessenheim nuclear power plant was no less safe than the national nuclear park, quite the opposite “, write the deputies.

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