In Marseille, a burning Ferrari shatters an American’s dream

Tarek Salah is one of many admirers of the Prancing Horse builder around the world. The dream of this American who lives in California? give yourself a ferrari f355, this famous Italian berlinetta marketed between 1994 and 1999. Replacing the moderately appreciated Ferrari 348, the F355 remains a great vintage in the brand’s history with its successful styling and above all, its fabulous naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V8 with very good performance. sharp. . Equipped with heads with five valves per cylinder, this block exceeded 8,000 rpm and produced an extraordinary sound. So, when he saw a nice gray copy on the Internet for sale in Marseille, he immediately took a plane to Los Angeles to come to France.

In Marseille, a burning Ferrari shatters an American's dream

In Marseille, a burning Ferrari shatters an American’s dream

Once in the south, it’s love at first sight. Tarek Salah meets the owner and the test goes off without a hitch. Before getting to work and making the payment, he and the owner go to a specialized mechanical workshop to carry out a final inventory before selling the car. But sadly that’s where things go wrong: the driver and passenger first notice a slight burning smell while driving on a motorway outside of Marseille. Moments later, other motorists waved to alert them: thick black smoke billowed from the rear of the handsome sports car. Standing on the side of the road, Tarek Salah and the owner will remain totally helpless watching the beautiful Ferrari go up in smoke.

A problem in the fuel circuit?

First of all, the vehicle was very well maintained. Just before things took a catastrophic turn, Tarek Salah noticed a gasoline smell in the cabin that could be related to a loose or leaking hose between the fuel tank and the engine. Unfortunately, the firefighters arrived too late to save the Ferrari. And the American will have to look for another F355…

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