Incest: “We have to talk about it”, the moving testimony of the actress Corinne Masiero on France 3 this Monday night

France 3 dedicates its evening this Monday, September 26, to the subject of incest with a film followed by a documentary in which seven victims are involved, including the actress who plays Captain Marleau on the small screen.

She decided to talk about it after years of suffering and wants to break the taboo. Corinne Masiero, the French actress known for her positions, her frankness, but also for her role in Captain Marleau, participates through a moving documentary in the evening dedicated to incest on France 3.

Indeed, after the film “An Impossible Love” directed by Catherine Corsini with Virginie Effira, which starts from the story written by Christine Angot about incest, in the second part of the evening an unpublished document will be broadcast, entitled “Incest, to say it and I ‘hear’, by Andrea Rawlins.

Seven victims of incest bear witness to what they experienced: their story, how they understood it, how they were able to overcome it or not… Heartbreaking stories like Corinne Masiero’s.

“Say cause a click”

For the last few weeks, the actress has been invited by the media to talk about this taboo subject.

She was abused from the age of 7-8 and up to the age of 13, by her cousin, who was ten years older. She hopes her testimony will trigger the trigger among the victims.

Because as she entrusts the Parisian, understood that she had been abused “incestuously” as she said just a while ago, during the confinement. Her pain had stayed inside her for all her years.

He did psychotherapy to get out of denial and “be able to break free.” She hopes to provoke a click in people who have been victims so that they can move on, come out of denial and have the courage to free themselves from that guilt that encourages victims of incest and prevents them from speaking.

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