Instagram: your stories will never be the same again in a short time

news hardware Instagram: your stories will never be the same again in a short time

The small world of social media moves very fast. In 2022, the Chinese giant TikTok continues to fly and terrifies all the competition. Having largely copied the app in its basic functionality, scrolling short videos, Insta continues to… gain inspiration for its future development. This time, it is the stories that will change.

The immense influence of TikTok on Instagram

Instagram has never hidden it: to crush the competition, the social network copies it. Even the birth of stories, surely the flagship feature of Insta today, was copied from SnapChat when the white and yellow phantom web was starting to explode. Recently, is a French social network that has been “stolen” by Meta to enrich Instagram.

Since the arrival of tik tok in the great market of time available for the brain, everyone is stealing the format of the Chinese giant. For one thing, YouTube is starting to pay creators to create “Shorts.” On the other hand, Instagram is doing its best to boost its Reels.

On Insta, videos are taking up more and more space. It is becoming more and more difficult to follow the content of the people we subscribe to and full screen functionality is also beginning to invade our smartphones.

If Instagram is pushing this format so much, it’s not for nothing. According to the head of the platform, Adam Mosseri, videos are the most shared content on Instagram. So, you are not done watching videos everywhere on your phone.

Generally, We are in the age of video. With smartphones becoming larger and more qualitative, both in terms of cameras, battery and connectivity, our uses have taken a turn. Suddenly, the GAFAM adapt.

The next big change for Instagram, always in this direction, is at the level of Stories.

Instagram stories are poised to fix your biggest problem

Manipulating people’s habits is never very good. Each change gives Internet users something to talk about. Recently, there were even trending hashtags on Twitter complaining about the latest Instagram or YouTube uploads. Complaining about Instagram on Twitter is very…meta.

The reason for all these complaints? Web players are listening less and less to user complaints. Many people hold a speech uncorrelated with their actions. Cynically, the actors of the Web prefer to follow the figures, the real behaviors, before the speeches, which are often just poses.

Sometimes the stars align. The next change that Instagram will implement in its stories is consistent with its policy of highlighting videos and is demanded by thousands, even millions of people.

Come on, let’s end the suspense, this is what will change specifically for you in the near future : Instagram will stop dividing your long stories into 15-second clips.

Now, social media users can post stories up to 1 minute long. The stories are closer to Reels.

Instagram: your stories will never be the same again in a short time

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