iPhone 14 Pro: the Dynamic Island makes the customization of app icons almost imperceptible

Since the arrival of the Shortcuts app on iPhone, casual customization on iOS has taken an unexpected turn with a whole new trend of creating your own custom app icons and widgets.

Much better integration on the iPhone 14 Pro

Many users have started to play with the aesthetics of their iPhone home screen through shortcuts, but with a small restriction. Every time the app is opened, a rather unsightly action banner pops up and may deter some users from resorting to this type of customization, which is already somewhat tedious to set up.

However, Parker Ortolani of the edge tells us that the new iPhone 14 Pro island now includes the open app icon to the left of the punch, in a rather unobtrusive way, rather than a distracting banner.

Preview of opening apps via Shortcuts on iPhone 14 Pro.

Preview of opening apps via Shortcuts on iPhone 14 Pro.

A choice that is much more aesthetic than in the iPhone that still have a classic notch and that, for once, continue to work in a “traditional” way.

A step towards a supposed customization at Apple?

This operation thus allows almost no feeling that a shortcut is being used and gives the impression of a better integration of functionality for the benefit of the user. Knowing that the old way of doing things could cause slowdowns and lead to a delay before using the app.

We remember, for example, a time when you had to open Shortcuts completely before you could open an app. An operation that really broke the expected effect and that has been corrected since iOS 14.3. In any case, it is one more effort by Apple to get closer to the customization possibilities of Android.

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